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ZTE AX3000 Sunny Wall Router is on the shelves, starting at 199 yuan



IT House reported on May 19 that the ZTE AX3000 sunny wall router is now on the shelves, priced at 249 yuan, and the pre-sale price of 618 new products is 199 yuan.

IT Home organizes ZTE AX3000 sunny wall routing parameter information as follows:

The official said that this router is designed with a magnetic bracket, which can be attached to the wall. The main unit can be taken and placed freely, which is different from the traditional bracket-type wall-mounted mode and saves space. The thickness of the AX3000 wall router is only 20.7mm, which is thinner than the height of a dollar coin (25mm).

The router has built-in 5 self-developed second-generation “wall-climbing tiger” high-gain antennas with dislocation polarization diversity, strong coverage without fear of penetrating walls, and high-speed coverage of Baiping apartment.

In terms of configuration, this router is equipped with a third-generation dual-core processor, which improves performance by 25% compared to the previous generation, and reduces average power consumption by 15%. The dual-core main frequency is as high as 1GHz, and it is equipped with 256MB of memory.

JingdongZTE (ZTE)[Sunny Edition]AX3000 Wall Main Router 249 yuandirect link

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