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You can be immersive even if you are not on the scene, Sony has developed a real-time live broadcast technology with ultra-real stereo surround sound-IT HOME



IT House news on January 25th, Sony recently announced that,Real-time live broadcast technology with fully object-based stereo surround sound has been developed. In addition, Sony has expanded the range of applications for “360 Reality Audio,” a music experience that immerses users in a three-dimensional sound field.

Sony said that although live broadcasting is favored for its convenience and freedom from location and movement restrictions, how to achieve a live experience has always been a challenge. Sony has upgraded its self-developed 360 stereo surround sound technology,Realized the real-time transmission of three-dimensional sound and video based on “360 live sound effect”users can experience the realism of enjoying live performances or concerts without being there at the same time.

▲ 360 live sound effects

According to reports, “360 Reality Sound” has improved the creative environment and developed a real-time encoder to provide artists and sound engineers with presence and sound quality. To create a spatial music experience, sound engineers first assign location information to each sound source, such as vocals, guitars, and drums, and arrange them in a spherical space.Sony has developed a new “360 Reality Audio” authoring tool for real-time transmission to enhance the creative environment for sound engineers. With this tool, sound engineers can freely and instantly arrange sound sources and create three-dimensional sounds as intended.

In addition, in order to send the music to the server and transmit it to the user, the audio data needs to go through a compression process, including location information, but it takes a certain amount of processing time to maintain high sound quality.So Sony developed its own sound quality processing algorithm to achieve the effect of presence, which is critical for live broadcasts. In addition, with the object-based spatial audio technology of “360 Reality Audio”, the amount of information (bit rate) given to each sound source (object) can be automatically optimized without degrading the auditory quality. It achieves real-time live streaming synchronized with video by compressing audio data in a short time.

IT Home learned that Sony and the American software company Streamsoft Inc. jointly developed the “360 Reality Audio Live” App, which is committed to bringing users an excellent experience of real-time transmission. After using this app with headphones, users can enjoy a new live entertainment experience.

▲ The simulated scene diagram of “360 live audio broadcast”

The app supportsandroidand iOS smartphones and tablets,Compatible with any type of headphones. If you use “360 Reality Sound” certified headphones provided by Sony or Audio-Technia, you can also optimize your own experience by adjusting the personal functions in the dedicated App.

also,The app is also equipped with a live chat featuremaking real-time communication between artists and audiences, audiences and audiences a reality, and allowing online audiences to experience it personally.

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