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“Yahoo Yahoo” becomes the most impersonated “phishing attack” brand in Q4 of 2022, and “Microsoft” ranks third



Web services company Yahoo became the most impersonated brand in phishing attacks in the last three months of 2022. Cybersecurity firm Check Point has released its latest Brand Phishing Report, which highlights the top brands cybercriminals impersonate to lure people into revealing their personal data.

In 20% of brand phishing attempts impersonating Yahoo, cybercriminals send emails with the subject line ‘Yahoo Award’ and senders like ‘Award Promotion’, ‘Award Center’, ‘Info winning’ or ‘Award Winning’, says report .

The content of the emails told recipients that they had won hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money from Yahoo. However, in order to be able to claim the bonus, users have to send their personal and bank details – an apparent attempt to steal victims’ sensitive data. The email even told the recipient not to share the winning information with others due to legal issues.

IT Home understands that DHL is the second most counterfeited brand in the Check Point report, accounting for 16%, while Microsoft ranks third with 11%. Other brands on the list include Google, LinkedIn, WeTransfer, Netflix, FedEx, HSBC and WhatsApp.

Finally, the study found that technology is the industry most likely to be impersonated by phishers in Q4 2022, followed by shipping and social networking.

To protect yourself from phishing attacks,Always be cautious when opening links or downloading attachments from unsolicited emails as they may contain malware. Also, make it a habit to check the URLs of relevant websites. For example, if a URL does not begin with, it is likely to be fraudulent. Finally, enable two-factor authentication (where available) to ensure that cybercriminals cannot infiltrate a user’s account even if they accidentally provide their username and password externally.

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