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Xiaomi launches Mitu children’s phone watch C7A: supports 4G full Netcom, built-in Xiaoai classmate



Thanks to IT Home Netizens rain and snow,very homely and scared Lead delivery!

IT House reported on May 15th that Xiaomi has launched the upgraded model C7A of the Mitu Children’s Phone Watch 5C. optional.

According to reports, this children’s phone watch uses a 1.4-inch 240*240 screen, supports a SIM card, supports 4G full Netcom, can make high-definition video calls with parents, and is waterproof, supports GPS positioning, long standby time, and supports Xiaoai Classmate voice assistant, equipped with 950mAh battery, weighs 54.8g, runs Mitu’s exclusive customized system, and can install App.

Xiaomi has not released other detailed information yet. As of press time, 466 people have made blind orders for this watch. Interested users can take a look.

Jingdong【5C Upgrade Model】Xiaomi MI Mitu Children’s Phone Watch C7A 4G Full Netcom HD Video Waterproof GPS Positioning Super Long Standby Support Xiaoai Classmate Blue X yuandirect link

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