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Xiaomi launches Mijia Smart Steam Small Oven 12L: supports 1300W heating, 1°C temperature adjustment, priced at 199 yuan



IT House news on May 25th, Xiaomi launched a newMijia Smart Steam Oven 12Lmodel is MKX02Mthe measurements are about 332x277x192mm, and the interior has a capacity of 12L.

Mijia Smart Steam Oven 12L Support 1300W heating powerbuilt-in NTC electronic temperature sensor and intelligent temperature control chip, supporting 1°C temperature adjustment; the grill adopts a linkage door structure, which is convenient for taking food; the package also comes with food clips, easy-to-storage measuring cup lids, crumb trays and baking trays .

picture 2

The new oven supports connectivityMijia Appthe user can operate remotely; the cloud recipes can be obtained in the App, and the heating time and temperature of the food will be intelligently controlled, which is convenient for users to use.

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At present, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Small Oven 12L has been put on the e-commerce platform for sale.The price is 199 yuaninterested IT home partners can go to check.

JingdongXiaomi (MI) Mijia Smart Steam Small Oven 12L199 yuandirect link

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