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Xiaodu Qinghe learning mobile phone starts pre-sale: Equipped with AI learning model, 1499 yuan in hand



According to news from IT House on May 22, the Xiaodu Qinghe learning mobile phone started pre-sale, with a deposit of 100 yuan and a hand price of 1499 yuan.

Xiaodu Qinghe learning mobile phone has two colors of vitality blue and vitality powder, with a protective case weighing 259.2 grams, with a protective case thickness of 11.75mm; equipped with a 6.56-inch screen with a resolution of 720×1612, and supports Xiaodu Youshilan patented technology. While not producing color shift, by optimizing the LED backlight, the proportion of harmful blue light is effectively reduced, reducing blue light damage from the source.

Xiaodu Qinghe learning mobile phone is equipped with Zhanrui T616 processor, storage specification 6GB+128GB, built-in 5000mAh battery, supports 10W charging; rear 50 million pixel main camera + 2 million pixel depth of field lens, front 8 million pixel camera.

Xiaodu Qinghe learning mobile phone is specially designed for teenagers to customize the system. It is the first to create three usage modes of “Intelligent Learning”, “Smooth Listening” and “Application”, covering a variety of learning methods. English AI composition professional guidance, AI oral practice and other learning guidance functions. Under the function of AI photo lecture, the AI ​​lecture teacher can automatically disassemble the knowledge points and guide the children to ask questions; under the Chinese and English AI composition professional tutoring function, the AI ​​composition teacher can comment sentence by sentence, guide the children to optimize the composition ideas and provide Sentence polishing suggestions.

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