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With a unique perspective, a different old Guangwei was photographed-IT HOME



Original title: “He used a unique perspective to shoot a different old Guangwei! “

I wonder if you have gone out to sweep the streets and take pictures to feel the “new year flavor” in the streets?

Street sweeping is easy, but good street sweeping is hard. How to get the composition, color, and character expressions in place in an instant?

This is inseparable from the “sense of observation” of the photographer. When we have a pair of photography eyes, the city street scenes in our eyes are full of surprises every moment.

Teacher Warren is such a person with a photographic eye, he can always take amazing photos in the complicated city life.

In every ordinary place, dig out interesting angles, and anyone or anything can collide with interesting pictures.

In this article, we invited Mr. Warren to share his shooting journey and walk into his mobile phone photography world together!

1. Photography is a lonely journey

Warren was obsessed with taking pictures long before he became a photographer.

He said, “I’m just the one who presses the shutter.” Life at two o’clock and one line every day is boring. Taking pictures has long been a part of Warren’s life, and it is a kind of spiritual sustenance.

He can’t be idle, “I can’t do it without shooting”, and every single holiday, he walks around Guangzhou for a whole day with enthusiasm, walking around the streets and alleys, taking pictures and eating delicious food.

warren thinksThere is no shortcut to learning photography, you must shoot more and practice more.“I used to take pictures by myself forever, and I was used to feeling the pictures in the lens alone. Photography is a lonely process.”

After becoming a photographer, Warren has more time to create freely and enjoy himself. Guangzhou under the lens of Warren is diverse, inclusive, and full of vitality. He uses photography to express his unique emotions for Guangzhou.

There are many modern buildings in the CBD, the towering Xiaomanyao witnesses the prosperity of Guangzhou, and the magnificent Liede Bridge is full of traffic.

The bricks and tiles of the old city are condensed with the traces of the years, and the strong Xiguan style is the truest portrayal of the people living in the city.

The village in the city is crowded and chaotic, but it is also full of human fireworks. Old and new cultures collide, interweave and tolerate each other here.

Even rainy days can’t stop Warren’s enthusiasm for creation. Many of his works were born in rainy days. Rainy days add a hazy atmosphere to the pictures.

He will look for obvious colors, such as yellow and orange, which stand out in a dark environment.

Once, when I was sweeping the street on a rainy day, I saw a little brother in a security uniform. He was sitting by the lawn with a red umbrella. In the reflection of the water, the leaves falling from the tree could just serve as two “eyes “I thought such a coincidence was very interesting, so I took this photo.

“Looking back” at the 2022 Xiaomi Leica New Classic Award

2. Traveling to many places, still sticking to local photography

Photographing a city is a process of exploration. The cities seen on the Internet are just the tip of the iceberg. Only when you really go to the local area and walk into the streets and alleys in person will you discover the special places in this city.

I still remember when I went abroad for the first time, Warren came to the border between Thailand and Myanmar. There is an ethnic group called “long-necked people” here. Women here have to put steel rings around their necks from the age of 5 to make a living. heavy shackles.

Warren had mixed feelings when this photo was taken, lucky for us to be born free.

When I went to the Northwest to shoot, I accidentally saw two sheep fighting until their skulls were cracked. The survival of the fittest in nature was vividly expressed. So I picked up my phone and captured the moment of “Battle Wound”.

After traveling to many places and seeing many landscapes, Warren feels that sticking to local photography is the most meaningful and the most difficult.

Because local things are things we see every day around us, seeing them every day will cause aesthetic fatigue. Therefore, it is necessary to dig out different angles to record the unique charm of Guangzhou.

Cantonese culture is long and rich, and Warren has been presenting it to everyone through photography, hoping to let more people understand the vitality and vitality of Guangzhou.

In Litchi Bay, there are still such a group of people sticking to Cantonese opera performances. Cantonese rhyme has lasted for a long time in Yangcheng. In the leisurely afternoon, grandparents felt the essence and charm of Cantonese opera under the banyan tree.

The streets with a long history condense the stories of generations in Guangzhou, which are endless. The lively and innocent children play ball and play here, which is very lively.

There is always a group of uncles in the park who enjoy playing chess under the shade of trees, and people from three floors inside and three floors outside watch the game.

The crowded vegetable market condenses the life of the neighbors, and also accommodates the human feelings and tastes of the city.

The usually crowded subway entrance is actually more lonely and lonely in the middle of the night.

3. The later stage is to show individuality

Warren was an art student when he was a student. There is a big commonality between art and photography, which is aesthetics, and the two promote and complement each other.

He believes that both painting and photography can express emotions very well, the key is which form of expression is used by the creative “person” to record, and photography can better capture the moment.

Warren’s photographs are always full of light and color, mood, smoke, and time. The deep picture and dark tone will always be ridiculed by friends as “depressive style”.

How to deal with it to express the feeling you want and to conform to the style you want? Before the shutter was pressed, Warren already had the post-production ideas in his mind.

For a photo to be eye-catching, it must have a prominent subject. “I’m rough”Either the texture is very strong, or the color is very prominent,to express the desired image.

Warren’s later style was deeply influenced by the Japanese photographer RK. From the cherry blossoms in Tokyo to the streets and skyscrapers in the city, RK interprets the expressions of the city in his own way. The cool and eye-catching dark style can always show a strong hardcore texture, which is refreshing.

photo by RK

Mrs. Warren always emphasizes in class,“In the later stage, there must be no commonality, but individuality”. Be sure to form your own relatively clear later thinking, instead of blindly following the trend.

Before the post-production, learn to analyze the deficiencies in the picture, find out and adjust the thinking and direction, so as to save the “waste film” more accurately and make the photographic works even better.

For example, in a cloudy and rainy environment, the photos taken are gray, lack layers, and the central theme of the vision is not prominent. In the later stage, we often dare not emphasize the relationship between black, white and gray, worrying that too many black elements will affect the appearance.

Warren, on the other hand, believes that sometimes to have better layering in photos, one has toBoldly emphasize the relationship between light and shade,The picture that comes out in this way is clearly layered and more advanced and artistic.

Post-retouching does not lie in how exquisite the post-production technology is, but in how broad-minded the thinking is. Disassembling and analyzing the problems in the color, light and shadow, and composition of the photos and solving them one by one will make our retouching more directional.

The matter of aesthetics is by no means accomplished overnight. It must be seen and practiced with heart.

Alright, that’s all for today’s sharing. Here’s wishing everyone a new year with auspicious stars, wealth, good luck, happiness, and happiness!

This article comes from the WeChat public account:Fun mobile phone photography (ID: wzsjsy)Author: Uncle Assistant

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