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WinRAR Response: It’s an honor that Microsoft can natively support rar compressed files – Programmer Sought



News from IT House on May 27, Microsoft recently announced in an official blog post that win11 The system will natively support compressed files in formats such as tar, 7-zip, rar, and gz. WinRAR software development company win.rar GmbH responded, saying that it was honored by Microsoft’s decision.

Foreign technology media NeoWin contacted the German company win.rar GmbH, wanting to know the company’s views on Microsoft’s decision. Louise Cusworth of the WinRAR sales team provided a statement, translated by IT House as follows:

We were surprised by the news that it took Microsoft 30 years to implement support for rar files in Windows OS, but now we wonder if they are also thinking about providing a RAR engine in 30 years?

Microsoft announced many features about the Win11 system at the Build 2023 developer conference. Support for rar compressed files has aroused huge attention and discussions on the Internet.

first,We are honored by Microsoft’s decision.This is expected to drive the popularity of the rar compression format, and for those users who are not familiar with WinRAR, this decision also improves the ease of use.

Second, should we be worried?We are, after all, a small company while Microsoft is a large multi-billion dollar international corporation with enormous power. The difference in size is bound to worry us.

When googling “how to search rar files”, we saw quite a few competitors’ ads.

Although users still need to create rar files through WinRAR, they can open .rar files without WinRAR.

But we hope enough people continue to support small software companies like ours,So that we can continue to develop WinRAR for a long time to come!

We need to continue developing WinRAR to make it more attractive to users, we have just released a beta version of WinRAR 6.22 and are currently working on a major upgrade that should be ready by the end of this year.

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