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Win11 new machine actual measurement, Microsoft collects a large amount of telemetry data and accesses third-party servers_China IT News



IT House News on February 9th, Microsoft has been accused of violating user privacy in the past few years.So, how much data is the Windows operating system sending to the online server?

The latest video from The PC Security Channel (TPCSC)Has Windows become Spyware?” pointed out that Microsoft telemetry and collected a lot of data about user preferences and online behavior.

TPCSC uses Wireshark (a free network protocol analyzer) to capture data packets, which can provide insight into network data transmission information.

Clean install of TPCSC on a brand new laptop win11 system. The results of the investigation showed that without the user’s prior permission, the Win11 laptop tried to transfer data to a third-party server the first time it was turned on.

TPCSC analyzed DNS traffic using Wireshark filters and found that Windows 11 connects to online services provided by Microsoft such as MSN, the Bing search engine, and Windows Update.

In addition, Win11 also visits the Third-party servers of companies such as Steam, McAfee, and Comscore

many Windows 11 The initial DNS lookup is intended to provide “telemetry” data to market research companies, advertising providers, and even geolocation-related domains such as, without asking permission or requiring web browsing activity.

From the moment you buy a new Windows device, Microsoft has been monitoring your behavior and operations, TPCSC said.

TPCSC also compared the WinXP system in the video, when Microsoft had not yet implemented the concept of “telemetry”. After reinstalling the WinXP system, it only tried Microsoft Windows Update service after booting, without accessing any third-party service.

What do netizens in IT Home think about Microsoft’s collection of telemetry data? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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