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Why is Telegram slow to download photos and videos? – Solution to the problem



Instant messaging apps, be it Android and iOS, have become a necessity in recent years. This is thanks to the fact that they are designed for file sharing, trading, chat system, sending and receiving videos and more.

Among so many applications of this type, one of the most outstanding is Telegram. Through this you can send texts, stickers, audio and multimedia files to a contact that we want quickly and very easily. This application is similar to WhatsApp Messenger, but they have their differences; even Telegram is considered as the competition of Whatsapp.

Since the application was launched in 2013, it has proven to be very complete and with few flaws in its platform. In fact, in recent years it has reported a significant increase in terms of internet downloads.

Unfortunately, like any app it is susceptible to certain problems. Such is the case that Telegram downloads a file or video slowly. Although it is true that it may be due to the slow mode, there are other causes that we will let you know shortly.

Why is my Telegram account downloading photos and videos very slowly?

If you’re using Telegram, but you’re having trouble logging in because it takes a long time to load, it might be due to the Internet connection or the Wi-Fi is unstable. In case the internet is in perfect condition, we suggest you enter Google Play and update the App so that it works correctly again.

Of course, this is not the only thing that causes a photo or video to not load properly. There are a series of considerations that you should know in order to speed up the use of the app, as well as the purchase and sale of files or services through this platform.

Lack of storage space

Another reason is that your phone is saturated with files and information. This will generate slowness not only in Telegram downloads but in any other App. If you want to download faster using your Wi-Fi, we recommend freeing up storage space or using a micro SD memory.

Slow mode on Telegram

The slow mode of Telegram is used to avoid getting lost among so many downloads in the groups in which the messages abound. In order to remove this mode you need to enter the app permissions.

Once you are there, you have to remove or disable the permission to the ‘Slow mode’ option. In this way, you should be able to make the app download faster and you can increase the speed of the app.

cache overrun

After using the app for a long time, it is difficult to increase the download or usage speed. In principle it is due to cache overrun. By simply removing it, you can make Telegram Download faster, since there will be no unnecessary files lying around.

How to increase the speed of Telegram downloads?

In order to speed up and make the app download faster, in order to increase the speed of Telegram, since it downloads very slowly, you are going to need two things. The first is to have a good internet connection. It can be via ethernet or from a Wi-Fi network. The second thing is to disable or remove slow mode. A fast internet connection and slow mode off will ensure that everything downloads faster.

What to do if Telegram takes too long to download files?

To make the app download multimedia files faster, so that Telegram does not download very slowly, from any mobile phone, try the following points:

  1. Deactivate slow mode, both from the PC and mobile telephony. If you see that a chat does not load its elements, go to the next point.
  2. Change the internet connection. If you notice that Wi-Fi is not working for any chat, try increasing speed with mobile data. In most cases it is the best option when the internet is very slow.
  3. Delete all unnecessary chats and disable pop-up notifications, especially on mobile phones.

On the other hand, to make telegram download faster and not download content without your consent, you will have to make adjustments to your account. In the settings part you have to look for the option ‘Data and storage’ to remove the selection in the part that says ‘Multimedia Auto Download’.

What things can we do with Telegram?

In addition to what we already mentioned that we can do with Telegram, such as sending messages quickly, the number of functions in Telegram are many, thanks to its bots. For example, do you have your Alert Bot, which allows you to create remindersthat is, as an alarm that notifies you when you have something planned in the bot.


To complete the function send Stickers to your friends, Telegram, through a bot gives you the option to find new packages of Stickers. Doing that is simple, you just have to enter the word in the search engine “StickersBot” and once it will appear, to see all the sticker packs send an emoji that you want.

Create channels or join one

With the channels on Telegram, we can create a private or public chat where anyone can enter, to share information or offer our services. For example, it is normal to find new channels of series and movies, in which the creators upload the latest series and movies to be able to download them easily.

If we want to create a channel on Telegram, the process is simple; you just have to access the application and enter the menu on the top left of the screen. Once there, select “new channel”then you will have to select if it is public or private and also give it a name and a description and thus, you can add new people.

telegram is slow

Functions within a chat

Within a private chat on Telegram with a friend or another person, also you have options besides sending audios, texts and stickers. Also, you have the option to edit a message that you have already sent, and even delete it, for yourself and for the other person as well without them realizing it.

Similarly, you can save the content, regardless of whether they are very heavy files. Since, thanks to its cloud, the messages are stored there without taking up space on your mobile. On the other hand, you can search a chat, placing a keyword in the magnifying glass, and you will be able to find it no matter how old the message is.

On the other hand, you can send animated files, such as GIF’S, videos and photos up to 1.5 GB in size without any problem. That means your contacts can also send those files to you; however, there are those who comment that photos and videos are not downloaded in a chat.

Why are the videos and photos not downloaded on Telegram and how to fix it?

This is a fairly common problem. The main cause is that the person’s mobile you are not connected to a stable WiFi network. It can also happen that the person does not have Wi-Fi or it is very slow. Just as it happens with this type of connection, it also happens with mobile phone data. So as much as you try, you will not be able to increase the speed and make Telegram faster.

The solution in that case is to verify that your internet connection is good and you can download the files. If that’s fine, then the problem may be with the app; You can try deleting the data and the cache of it, from the settings of your mobile.

increase telegram speed

If the problem persists, it may be due to some telegram update. It is recommended that you uninstall it and re-download it from the app store. This may solve the issue of Telegram downloading too slow and allow you to increase speed so that it downloads faster and you can increase the speed.

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