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Why does my Samsung cell phone not vibrate and how to fix it?



Currently, Samsung Smartphones come with countless types of configurations. In this way, they can be adapted to the needs of each user. However, these phones can have the drawback of not vibrating. If you do not know repair samsung when it does not vibratecould be a problem you want to avoid.

In certain places, it is not allowed to use your mobile phone and we need to put it in a mode that alerts us when an important call or notification arrives. Remember that you can customize the notification bars with the information we share with you.

Similarly, our phone or cell phone does not activate the vibrate mode, it could be a problem that can affect us. This both in everyday life and at work or school.

This is the reason why we bring you a quick and easy guide for you to understand how to fix Samsung when it doesn’t vibrate.

Why doesn’t my Samsung vibrate? Possible causes

On many occasions, the cell phone can present various drawbacks in the Hardware and the operating system. These problems can be seen reflected in different ways. One of the most presented is when the mobile does not vibrate. In Android devices this circumstance is more evident.

contact with water

One of the reasons why the cell phone vibrator has stopped working is due to contact with water. Perhaps the device was wet, and the speakers were damaged. The solution for this, in entering the app store of your Samsung Android and download an app to test the vibration. This will generate a pulse that will remove excess water.

bumps or falls

The problem for the Hardware and the operating system in general, are the blows that the mobile can take. A high impact drop may cause components to come off or be damaged. Anchored to this, the deconfiguration of said function, will make the device activate this option, but not vibrate. It usually happens more to Samsung.

Errors in the updates

For Android devices, the operating system is everything. It is very important to always have it updated to the latest version. Well, a failure in this and the vibration code can also be affected. This works like many applications, and in case it is done wrong, it will make the wrong option, it does not vibrate.

Malware or computer virus infection

Many of the viruses are low, mediating we download applications from unofficial pages. Through this, the Samsung Android phone can get affected very adversely. The vibrator is one of them, it can become misconfigured by means of a malicious file.

How to repair if my Samsung mobile does not vibrate?

In such a case that the Samsung does not vibrate, you can perform and execute various actions. At least device reboot is one that always applies and works when something goes wrong. Many of the applications are fixed like this, this can not be the exception.

However, return your factory values ​​when not vibrating, It is an even easier solution when testing the vibration has not worked. A bad configuration that you have done, with this it will be solved very quickly. This is because you bring back the options that came when you got the phone.

How to test the vibration of my Samsung cell phone?

All Android systems have a vibrator and have a vibration code in order to see if it works well. Now, if what you want is to know how you can check that it is in adequate conditions, you must go to the sound option. Here are functions to check the operation of the vibrator.

watching the mobile

Guide to Troubleshoot and Repair Samsung Not Vibrating Issue

One of the most common failures of the renowned brand is that the vibration profile of the Smartphone cell phone sometimes does not work as it should. If the problem is that the mobile does not vibrate or turn on, there may be other types of problems that you can check here!

But don’t worry, with this guide you will find out the possible solutions for this typical problem. And before taking it to a specialist technician can perform these tests:

  • The first thing you should do is check if your Smartphone has the vibration function active, You must go to “settings”. Once there you will look for the ‘sounds and vibration’ option and then select the ‘sound mode’. When you are inside this menu you will be able to see if the ‘vibrate’ option is activated.
  • Another step you can take is to deactivate and activate the “vibrate” function, since it could be a small error in the setting.
  • You can check if it is not active battery saving mode, you must go to “settings”. Then, select the “device maintenance” option, press the “battery” option and then the “performance mode”. If it is in maximum performance mode you should disable it.
  • If these steps did not work for you, it is time to try more advanced methods, one of them is by entering the code *#0*# in the call dialer to perform Hardware tests on the mobile, if this code does not work, try with; *#9998*842#, *#8999*842#, or *#7353#.
  • When entering it you will find several options, what you will do next is press the “vibration” function and then shake your mobile for a few seconds.
  • If you have a Samsung from which it is possible to remove the battery, proceed to turn it off and remove it, then reinstall it and turn on the Smartphone again.
  • Another option is to factory reset your smartphone (in case it is a Samsung we give you these instructions with an easy step by step), but first you must back up all the information. What you should do is select the “Settings” option, then go to “Accounts” and finally, press the “Backup and restore” option.
  • Now, to factory reset your smartphone, you will have to go to “General Administration”. You will select “Reset” option and then “Factory data reset”, your phone will reboot and go into reset mode. When the process is finished, your mobile phone will restart again.

If none of the steps in this guide to repair the Samsung when it does not vibrate works, then it is time to go to a specialized technician. In this other case, the professional will be in charge of checking your phone thoroughly and thus inform you if he can solve the problem.

viewing options to repair your samsung

Possible causes for a Samsung to stop vibrating

The causes for your phone to present the problem, is due to several possible reasons that we will mention next:

  • Contact with water. Although many mobiles are waterproof, your Samsung may not be, perhaps this is the reason why the vibration mode has stopped working.
  • That has suffered a strong blow or fall. Yes for accident your phone suffered a fallit is possible that some internal component has been damaged.
  • Errors in operating system updates. It could be that some updates come with bugs and can affect the proper functioning of your mobile phone, this includes vibration mode failures.
  • Virus or malware software infection. It is possible that this could be one of the reasons why your Samsung has stopped vibrating.

We recommend that you try to repair the Samsung when it does not vibrate with this guide that you also have available on its official website, before going to the specialist technician. You can avoid an expense!

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