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Why does my Movistar cell phone have no signal and how to fix it?



On many occasions it happens that our Movistar phone has no signaland we do not know what to do, since we are so badly used to everything working normally, but it is when these problems arise that sometimes they make us feel very bad, in these cases the only thing that allows us to do is to make emergency calls .

Many times these problems that arise with the loss of signal in our cell phone, is due to rural areas or because rainy days or storms cause interference and thus we have the problems that arise with the service.

The first suggestion that is recommended in these cases is to restart the phone, since in most cases this helps us to solve said problem. signal loss problem.

If the problem persists, then we would have to go to settings to the networks option to select network mode there. On the other hand, testing the SIM card in another Movistar mobile or in another that is free if it works; it may be that the error that is occurring is from the phone and not from the company that is providing the service. In this case it would have to be taken to the technical service.

Why does a mobile have no signal?

There are many problems that frequently arise with Our Movistar mobiles lose the signal. Appearing on the device usually not registered on the network, mobile network not available or only emergency calls; this varies depending on the device you have.

We can realize that we do not have good coverage; when the coverage level icon, that is, the 5 bars that tell us if we are in a suitable area to be able to talk or if, on the other hand, the network signal is practically non-existent and the mobile is of little use to us.

The fundamental causes that can cause a mobile to not have the proper signal; It may be the weather, since if we are in a place that frequently rains heavily, it is possible that this weather situation plays against the signalproducing less coverage.

On the phone it is found that there is no signal, to verify it we go to the phone application to mark in this case what the operator would be, leaving the message that the network is not available.

Solve Movistar signal problem on a device.

What can we do when our Movistar phone loses signal. There are many people who suffer from this type of problem, they missed the signal because they installed a new five. They installed a new ROM, it crashed and it has no signal, the signal suddenly went out and we don’t know what to do.

  • If you have a mobile device that fell and after that you don’t want to get the signal; that means that some component of the internal part of the phone has been damaged. It is best to go to a technician so that this problem can be solved.
  • You can in the same way check the phone by putting it in airplane modethis resets wifi, like bluetooth like Network.
  • Another solution that can also be checked would be to remove the battery. In the case if you have a device that does not remove the battery; Well, the only thing to do is turn it off and then turn it on again to then verify if our signal is working again.

What is recommended in these cases; it is turn off the device at least 2 or 3 times per month so that the entire system is restored again and so it can work very well for us.

Another point would be to check if the access points or APN work, being able to go to configuration; to more, to mobile networks, and to names of access points. The one that says internet must be selected or we have another one that says multimedia messages. This is the most common thing that many times the APN is not selected correctly and that is why there is not the proper signal.

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