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Why Are Humans Obsessed With Watching “Mice Suffer”?



When the Internet was just born, human beings were still looking forward to “what people in the future will use the Internet”, but no one may have imagined that after the third decade of the 21st century, human beings today would like to watch “mouse suffers” online. “.

I don’t know when, watching videos on the Internet of “smelting iron”, “repairing donkey’s hooves” and “abusing mice” has become a three-piece set for contemporary young people to pass the time.

Perhaps because most people have suffered from rat infestation, perhaps the refreshing feeling brought by watching the rat abuse video is greater than the former two. Among the three-piece set, “Rat Abuse” stood out and became the most popular item.

Go to station B and search for “mouse”, and what appears behind the world famous works “Mickey Mouse” and “Tom and Mouse” are a lot of rat abuse videos with millions of views.

There is almost no threshold for shooting in this field with its own traffic, which naturally attracts more and more video creators to join. Various types of bloggers “changed jobs” one after another and became a member of the rat army.

And these bloggers who have “transferred jobs” from different fields, although the theme of their creations is “mouse abuse”, they still have their own unique colors more or less. Bloggers who used to fish are now bombarding rat holes every day; those who are good at manual work have developed automatic equipment to harvest rats; former professional athletes have become real CS players, but they are shot at rats.


Young people born in the 21st century, especially urban residents, may have never seen many mice since they were young, let alone have any special hatred with mice. For most people, watching other people abuse mice online is just a pastime to pass the leisure time.

Although everyone has summed up a word-of-mouth truth from Nietzsche’s philosophy: “Don’t base your happiness on the pain of others.” But-rats are not “people”.

In China, “elimination of the four pests” has deeply become the “stencil of thought” of everyone. Countless netizens firmly believe that watching Shushu suffer, the merits will not decrease but increase.

Usually, the jokes in this type of video come from nonsensical farce. The creator ignored the wishes of Shushubenshu, and insisted on sharing the development achievements of human industrial civilization with them.

In the beginning, Up masters used the contemporary “ten thousand households flying to the sky” style to send Shushu to heaven. After several rounds of air races, a mature aerodynamic rocket was developed, and Shushu experienced the speed of technological progress in a short life.

“Aviation Dream” is the theme that Shusheng will always pursue

Later, everyone became obsessed with drones with longer battery life, and since then the video screen has more “storytelling”. Some people even took pictures of the mouse going to the sky with the beauty of “EVA No. 13 Awakening”.

In addition to “going to heaven”, “sports” is another major direction for creators. Watching the Shushu perform all kinds of actions beyond the limits of Shushu gave the audience an urge to step forward and help.

“Ripped Abs”

“Tug of War”

Don’t get me wrong, “help” doesn’t mean helping Shushu get out of trouble, but to come up with various ways to help the video author increase his efforts. The comment area can be said to be the scene of the “Shangshu of the Ministry of Justice” meeting. In the words of netizens: “Satan tattooed your back.”

Of course, not all netizens are “spoofing you”. Occasionally, innocent viewers will stray into the “Satan tattoo scene” and feel uncomfortable when they see the same mammal as themselves being abused. Skirmishes often erupt in the comments section.

“Do rat abusers get the pleasure of seeing the pests being wiped out, or do they simply get the pleasure of violence under a high-sounding excuse?” Issues like these will be discussed once every time interval.

Usually the ending is outnumbered, and netizens who raise doubts will soon be labeled as “the Madonna”, and the behavior of empathizing with mice will generally be classified as “hypocritical”. But fortunately, this kind of conflict does not involve personal feelings, but a collision of different ethical views. Therefore, although neither side can convince anyone, there has never been a large-scale war.


The other track, by contrast, has no such annoyances.

On this track, video creators are no longer simply torturing rats, but producing more technical equipment to kill rats in large quantities and provide viewers with a comfortable experience. If there were to be a section for such videos, they should be in the “technical section.”

Mice automatically “diving” after stepping on conductive iron sheet

Another major feature of the rodent control video in the “Science and Technology Zone” is “please enter the urn”.

Although the rodent control equipment is made artificially, there is no human trace in the whole process of the mouse from being free to being a turtle in the urn. From the perspective of the audience, the mouse stepped on the switch and jumped into the water by itself. The culprit that caused the incident does not exist, and no one needs to bear moral pressure for it.

In addition to the “suicide” of rats providing people with just the right amount of fun, the frequent haunts of “literary magnates” also make the videos in the “Tech Zone” more valuable. Four-character idioms, classical Chinese, and large passages of painful literature directly raised the style of these rats to a level that did not belong to them.

“Rat Road Difficulty”

“Closed Rat Villa”

However, after watching this kind of video a lot, the audience will inevitably have a question: “Who has so many mice every day?”

In fact, the rats were bought by the bloggers themselves. Release the mouse when shooting a video, and take it back after shooting. It is delicious and delicious, waiting for the next “performance”, and it can be recycled.

old actor

In addition, the vigilance of long-term captive mice is much lower than that of wild mice, and they are basically unprotected against all kinds of equipment that appear abruptly, so that the effect of being harvested on a large scale in the video can appear. The same mechanism placed in front of wild mice may not necessarily produce the same effect.

Although this kind of video does seem to have no psychological burden, there is no need to worry about wasting ten years of merit with a smile, but when netizens really realize that they have only watched a play, there is a sense of loss in their hearts. A play that does not have the attribute of killing always makes people feel that something is missing.


If you want to get the thrill of watching a mouse being hunted, but don’t want to bear the moral pressure, maybe you can take a look at the “real CS area”.

Everything that happens here comes from the most real needs—rats are rampant in southern cities, a large number of rats are rampant, spoiling food and destroying electrical appliances, which have seriously affected the lives of residents. Someone taking the initiative to exterminate rats is a good thing for everyone.

The bloggers in this region usually have a good hand with a slingshot and a good hand with a dart, and they can strike the passing mice with precision anytime and anywhere.

“City Hunter Fei Ge”, the Up host of station B, is such a blogger. Different from the previous two performing videos, his connection with mice was quite accidental, because he saw a lot of mice on the way home every day, and thought that he was a good slingshot, so he wiped them out.

At first, Fei Ge shot the video just out of interest, but as the number of views increased, he gradually became a well-known local rodent control expert. Elimination of harm seems to have become his bounden duty.

At first, he used small stones as bows and bullets. Some netizens said that stones are easy to hurt passers-by. He replaced the bows and bullets with mud pellets and never shot them if they might hurt people. Someone privately messaged him saying that slapping mice was bloody and cruel, and he patiently explained the local situation. After the filming is over, he disposes of the rat carcasses properly.

All moral issues are properly placed. I am afraid that even the most critical “Madonna” can’t find fault, as they say, “no need to torture, just put to death”.

In the anti-rat area of ​​station B, everyone’s needs will be met in the end-of course, except for rats.

When the audience watched the video data of Shushu’s suffering, it was not all for the pleasure of “hunting” and “abusing”. When the mice and mice gathered together and accepted the unknown fate with ignorant eyes, many viewers even felt a little empathy as social animals, such as seeing mice squeezing the stairs, and thinking of the scene of commuting and squeezing the subway:

The cycle of “group acting mice” walking into the cage again and again and being trapped again is just like life, competing for short and long.

Perhaps, this unique attribute exclusive to rats is the reason why the “rat extermination zone” can open up a new track in the animal videos of station B alone.

This article comes from the WeChat public account:Game Research Institute (ID: yysaag)Author: 駄目饼

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