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When video games draw inspiration from literature



Hogwarts Legacy, based on the Harry Potter novels, comes out February 10th. A video game inspired by Bernard Werber’s The Ants is scheduled for 2024. Now the virtual game is based on literature, and this is good news.

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Culture journalist
Julie Huon

Published on 03.02.2023 at 14:20
Reading time: 5 minutes

AGAINSTThis is one of the most anticipated games of this early year, if not all of 2023. Gameplay, Graphics, Script: The Legacy of Hogwarts is a massive open world to explore from a first-person perspective throughout the JK Rowling story. Creativity, from the Quidditch stadium to the botanical greenhouses, from the Astronomy Tower to the Requirement Room, from Gringotts to Hogsmeade, promises to be to the world of video games what Dumbledore is to the world of magic: a champion in every category.

A few days before this release, the French publishing house Microids announced the adaptation of another monument of science fiction literature of the 90s: Les Fourmis, in collaboration with its author Bernard Werber. Exploration, tactical combat for this game developed by Tower Five, a studio from La Rochelle, is expected in 2024.

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