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What should I do if the charging pile takes up space?Some U.S. Tesla owners choose to charge and let them pay high “idleness fees”_China IT News



IT House reported on January 24 that although super charging piles are becoming more and more popular in the United States, Tesla owners in the United States still encounter the problem of “difficulty charging”.One of the important reasons is space occupation. Even if the vehicle does not need to be charged, it will occupy this parking space and prevent others from charging.

According to Teslarati, a foreign technology media report, many Tesla owners in the United States have encountered such a situation. A little civilized car owners will choose to detour to find other charging piles, while bad-tempered car owners have adopted some more radical approaches.One way to do this is to charge vehicles that take up space, forcing them to pay an “idle fee.”

In the US, the idle fee is currently set at $0.50 or $1 per minute depending on how busy the charging station is at the moment. For those car owners who occupy spaces in violation of regulations, this method may require paying a lot of “idleness fees”.

It’s just that charging Model 3 and Model Y without the consent of the owner is also controversial. Netizens of IT Home, if you encounter such a situation, what would you do? Do you agree with the practice of charging space-occupied cars?

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