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What is Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family and is it available in your region? – Discussed



Since Xbox Game Pass offers one of the best gaming streaming services out there, you might be wondering how Xbox can adapt its hugely popular streaming service to make it even more user-friendly.

Interestingly, after some key changes to Xbox Game Pass were announced and gradually rolled out around the world, Xbox Game Pass becomes even more accessible with an Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family subscription.

But what is Xbox Friends and Family, how does it work, and when will it be available on your Xbox? This is what we are going to find out.

Microsoft announces Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family

Since Microsoft has officially announced the new Game Pass tier on the Xbox website, you can look forward to diving into the specifics of Xbox Game Pass Friends &; Family, a brand new membership level available for Xbox Game Pass.

Unfortunately, while Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family has been officially announced, the service is currently being tested in Ireland and Colombia. This makes these countries the only places where you can currently subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Friends &; Family.

However, despite current availability restrictions, Xbox users can already use and test Xbox Game Pass Friends &; Family, you can get a clear idea of ​​what a subscription tier is and how it will affect Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

What is Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family?

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family lets you share your Xbox Game Pass membership with friends or family so you can play more socially and affordably with Xbox Game Pass.

Friends & Amplifiers Game Pass Adding Family to the list of reasons why Xbox users should have Xbox Game Pass, a service that allows you, your family and friends to access hundreds of games available on the service at a lower monthly rate .

How does the Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family service work?

For details on how Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family works, the current listing for Ireland and Colombia gives you a detailed overview of the details of the service and even its pricing.

Specifically, the Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family subscription costs €21.99 per month for users in Ireland and gives you access to the following subscription benefits:

  • You can share your subscription with up to five additional Xbox accounts.
  • Share the benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with all your linked accounts.
  • Play EA Play on all shared accounts at no extra charge.
  • Get full access to all Xbox Game Pass discounts, deals, and game libraries.

With Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family, you can enjoy the benefits of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership but split the cost among up to four other people, for a total of five accounts.

Screenshot of a list of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions on Xbox Series X.

And since you can already earn Reward Points on Xbox Series X through Xbox Game Pass, Game Pass Friends, and Quests; Family offers additional discounts on an already reasonable service.

When can I play Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family?

As Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family wants to make your Game Pass even more integrated with your social groups and family, you may be wondering when this service will be available in your region.

While there is no official international release date for Game Pass Friends & Family, it looks like Xbox is ramping up its marketing for a release in places like the US, as points out.

Screenshot of an ad for the upcoming Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct for Xbox Series X.

And as Xbox Developer Direct and marketing activities continue, you should expect Game Pass Friends & Family to reach more countries in the world very soon.

Get the best price on subscription games with Xbox Game Pass

With Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family, Xbox subscription games are even more flexible and available as a subscription service.

But with other competitors like PlayStation offering PlayStation Plus, you may prefer Sony games despite the availability of Game Pass Friends and Family.

So choosing the right subscription service for you can be an important part of console gaming, allowing you to decide which games are best for the games they offer.

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