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What is the code *#9900# for? – Android Sysdump Menu



One of the most used operating systems by users is Android, developed by Google. Codes are numbers and special characters. In cell phones they are used to unlock services and access certain information on the phone.

exist query source code USSD used to obtain specific data on our mobile. It is advisable to use them with some care, since some of them are used to reset the phone. There are also other codes that help us examine the device’s connections.

In this article we are going to talk about the function of the secret number *#9900#. What if frame, what is it for and what to do if it doesn’t work on the Hardware?

How do USSD codes work?

After starting to investigate, you are wondering, what is it for and what happens if I mark this Hardware? Well, it’s very simple. These do not work through the internet, but it is like a kind of message delivery. The USSDs make their options in real time, send a signal and communicate with the central in order to send you the multiple configurations that you can use.

What is the code *#9900# for?

If you don’t already know, it’s like functions that you can apply to the phone, like applications that you download, but without downloading them. The operating system is activated when calling this code and the option appears. at least in Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung it is so. However, in Android Hardware this is more evident, since, with this code, the Mobile terminal can be better managed. This is what it is for and what happens if I mark.

What is the sysdump menu for?

This is without further ado applied to the one mentioned a moment ago. It is what appears when you make the call to caught USSD previous. In Android and Xiaomi operating system it can be displayed very clearly.

How to activate the code *#9900# on my Android?

What happens if I dial this number? Well, what it is for is quite clear. Now if you want to make the code appear it is very easy. You just have to go to one of the applications of Call and place this.

What happens if I dial *#9900#?

What is it for? The code *#9900# works in order to get into the System Dump. In this way, the user has access to different specific characteristics of the terminal. Within the SysDump menu we can find different utilities. The most outstanding of them is the one that allows us to delete all the garbage that slows down your terminal. This happens when answering “What happens if I dial”.

During the useful life of our mobile phone we store data and files in the internal memory. All this unnecessary information makes it difficult for the Smartphone to work smoothly and have Sufficient internal memory space.

When he appears to us ‘Memory almost full’ error message It’s time to dial *#9900# and debug the mobile phone, it doesn’t work properly.

To be able to enter through this secret number, perform the steps indicated below:

  • Go to the call option.
  • On the keyboard enter the code as it is shown *#9900#.
  • Expect that source code to show you a table of contents; don’t call him.
  • Among the options that are included, look for the one that says ‘deletedumpstate/logcat’and it is the one you are going to press.

If you ask yourself, what is it for? what you just did is delete a log file, which can be between 50 MB and 1 GB. This file does not need to be kept on your device; It’s like clearing cache data. In this quick and easy way you can free up space on your mobile device. It is an effective method to keep in mind when the phone starts to present errors due to lack of space.

After completing the process, you can go to settings, inside select the option Storage and finally, device memory and you will see how the available space has increased.

What is Sysdump Menu in Samsung?

The Samsung sysdump It is a secret menu that we can access after dialing the code * # 9900 #. This answers the “What happens if I dial that number”. It gives access to multiple options, from freeing up space using ‘Deletedumpstate/logcat’, to having Developer options available to you by clicking on ‘Debug Level Enabled’. Within this mode, for experts we can deactivate the animations of transitions and windows to optimize the speed of the terminal.

Another action within our reach is to be able to carry out a backup to an external SD card.

Do all phone brands allow the use of the sysdump menu?


For the Android operating system, it’s like apps, of course you can. This is one of the brands that are always looking for information such as, what is it for and what happens if I mark it? The number. Generally speaking, it is like an innovator who follows using this system.

use cell phone

*#9900# Motorola

For what they are wondering, what is it for and what happens if I mark in this system? The *#9900# doesn’t work on MotorolaAs with other phone brands, Sysdump is exclusive to Samsung. If you want to access developer options on your Motorola, you have to enter the source code *#*#2486#*#* to enter the CQATest Menu.


If you ask, what is it for and what happens if I dial in this system? Well, a Smartphone Huawei code *#9900# doesn’t take you to sysdump. In this mark to access the secret menu options you have other codes. By entering ##258741 you can do a Hard Reset. The closest thing to Sysdump Huawei is the Project Menu which is accessed with the code *#*#2846579#*#*, this menu gives you the same options as Samsung’s Sysdump.

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What to do if the code *#9900# doesn’t work?

When you see what happens if I dial this number, it may at some point not work properly. Well, what you should do is restart the mobile so that some options are restore to its original form.

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