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What does ‘Pinned’ mean on TikTok and how to do it from my account?



Having a pinned message on TikTok is a recent platform feature. Of course, it is a function available on other social networks such as YouTube or Twitter. The difference is that TikTok comes with its own rules, no matter you are on iOS, Android, or PC. So, if you were looking for a way to know how to pin and/or keep a comment pinned on TikTok, here we will explain it to you, regardless of the mobile phone you use.

What does it mean to pin a video on TikTok?

This is a function of almost all current social applications and networks. It is a way to highlight either a comment or video on the platform. This is something that can be achieved from any mobile phone (Android, iOS or iPhone), as well as from the PC. Once you have pinned one or the other, this will be the first thing you see other users and/or followers.

No matter how many posts are made to a video with a pinned comment, it will stay on top and won’t be lost. The process of how to pin a video or comment on TikTok it has become very easy.

What is the use of pinning a TikTok video?

As we said, it serves nothing more than to highlight a relevant TikTok video, which has had many visits or is of interest to followers. Even if you have more than 1,000 videos on your profile, a TikTok pinned video will stay on top, which is a big plus for content creators.

Why can’t I pin a video on TikTok?

It is possible that this problem is due to a bad update of TikTok or that the same app on your Android mobile phone or iPhone has not been updated. You have to make sure you have the latest version installed, otherwise you won’t be able to have no videos pinned on TikTok or comment. They are errors in social networks and applications of this style that are resolved with an update.

What does ‘Pinned Comment’ mean on TikTok?

When the video creator has learned how to pin a comment, this always stays as the first comment of the video. Pinned comments are the ones that appear first among all the comments made regardless of what date they were written or the number of reactions it has.

In other social networks, the number of pinned comments does not matter, but for the moment TikTok It only allows one fixed comment per video. In addition to knowing how to pin a comment, you should keep in mind that you can use this with your own post or with that of a user or follower on TikTok. This process can be done from any mobile phone (iPhone, iOS or Android), as well as from the PC.

What happens when there is a pinned comment on TikTok videos?

There are some very important benefits to your videos when you learn how to pin comments to them. For example, you can redirect the audience or focus attention of them in some information that you want to provide.

This type of comment also has an influence on the duration of the videos, as well as being a way to enable direct messages in this application for Android and iPhone.

redirect public

By anchoring comments in TikTok you can make redirects to your social networks and other followers who reach the video. So could you post a comment? with the direct link to another of your videos that is not pinned. Of course, you can also do this in the description of an already made publication.

Focus your attention

Another advantage of having a comment pinned on TikTok by followers is to focus the attention of the audience. In this sense, there are always some users who place the exact minute or second where something interesting happens in the video.

Therefore, if this action is of interest, you can pin or pin this comment and get the user to see what they really need, regardless of whether they are using an iOS device or on a PC.

Increase the length of stay

Video length of stay can be affected by pinned posts. Well, the more likes or reactions this comment has, the platform’s algorithm will take as interesting content the video. Therefore, this will be positioned among the recommended or suggested videos for other users. Which means more views for the channel and the content you have there, whether it’s pinned or not.

Another action that can be done through pinned comments are reminders and warnings. For example, you can include important information about what’s coming on the channel and future videos.

As well as remember the rules of your TikTok community so that all comments are respectful. Otherwise, you can warn that those who do not follow these rules will be blocked users and will not be able to continue commenting or viewing the content.

What does a pinned comment look like on TikTok?

After you learned to how to pin a comment, you will be able to differentiate it very easily, since it will have an icon along with a small message. The label will be visible both to you and to all those people who enter the comment box on the video. From the rest, it has the same characteristics as what other followers say.

pin comment on tiktok video

How to pin a comment on TikTok?

The first thing to have a comment pinned to TikTok and learn how to pin to it is to enter the TikTok mobile app or go to the website of this network. Then, you have to enter the account created in this service to get to the home feed. From there, at the bottom right of the phone screen you should click the ME button which redirects to the account profile.

Being inside the profile, you can see all the videos that you have uploaded to the account and you must choose where the comment is to be pinned. On the right of the screen, press to open the comment area.

In this part, you have to find the comment that you want to have pinned on TikTok. If you don’t see any feedback, you can check why this is happening and fix it.

When you find the comment, you should touch and hold the screen tapping on it for a few seconds. This action brings up a menu of four options that will facilitate the process of how to pin to a comment. When clicking on it, said comment goes to the top of the comment box and the image of a pin will appear with it on the side.

Pin comment from the Android or iPhone mobile app

Most of the apps work the same way for both Android and iPhone. So if you don’t know how to pin to a video or comment, the above process applies the same for both operating systems.

trouble pinning comment on tiktok

Why won’t TikTok allow me to pin a comment on my videos?

You most likely have a update problem or present some type of restriction on your account. If it is the first case, the simple fact of not being able to know how to pin a comment can be solved by downloading the latest version of the app. If the situation is the second mentioned, you will have to wait for the restrictions to end. This varies depending on the time set by the platform.

How can you unpin a comment from your TikTok?

To unpin the comment that has been pinned, you should follow almost the same procedure as above. In this order of ideas, you should enter the video and find the pinned comment that you want to unpin. It shouldn’t take long to find it, as it will be among the first comments on the video.

When you have it in view you must keep your finger pressed on the place where the comment is. What happens is that a menu opens with some options and you have to click on the which says unpin comment. The app then removes the pin and the comment becomes part of the full list with the other reactions of the followers.

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