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Weilai: The single-day expressway power exchange orders exceeded 20,000 times, and the total power exchange times exceeded 60,000 times in a single day



News from IT House on January 26, NIO announced today,NIO’s single-day expressway power exchange orders exceeded 20,000, and the total daily power exchange exceeded 60,000.

Earlier this month, NIO announcedDuring the Spring Festival, free and unlimited battery swaps on highways. From January 13th to February 5th, all NIO car owners can enjoy unlimited high-speed free battery swap services (except for operating vehicles). All NIO high-speed swap stations will operate as usual, and some urban swap stations will adjust their business hours.

In addition, Weilai said that it has also set up road service replenishment stations in 44 cities, 51 high-speed service areas and scenic spots, as well as charging stations in some urban areas, to provide car owners with charging, daily travel replenishment and other services.

IT Home learned that,NIO will build 538 new battery swap stations around the world in 2022, with a total of 1,315 builtincluding 346 expressway swapping stations, and completed the layout of the high-speed swapping network of “5 vertical, 3 horizontal, and 8 large urban agglomerations” in China; a total of 13,384 charging piles have been built.

In 2023, Weilai’s third-generation power station and 500kW ultra-fast charging will begin to be deployed.In China, it is planned to build more than 1,700 power stations and over 20,000 charging piles.

In terms of delivery volume, Weilai will deliver 15,815 new cars in December 2022.50.8% year-on-year increase. In 2022, NIO will deliver a total of 122,486 new cars,34% year-on-year increase; As of December 31, 2022, Weilai has delivered a total of 289,556 new cars.

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