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Wei Shaojun: China’s semiconductor industry should turn to a “product-centric” development model



According to Weibo news, at an industry event held on August 17, Wei Shaojun, chairman of the IC Design Branch of the China Semiconductor Industry Association and a professor at the School of Integrated Circuits at Tsinghua University, delivered a keynote speech “Thinking about China’s Semiconductor Industry for 20 Years”.

Wei Shaojun first pointed out that from the perspective of China and the world’s economic growth, information technology has become the main growth driver of the modern economy. Based on this law, Professor Wei Shaojun proposed that the development of the semiconductor industry needs to adhere to long-term investment, seek the overall situation, and seek the long-term. It is through dozens of Over the past few years, people in China’s semiconductor industry have made unremitting efforts. Several integrated circuit industry centers have been formed in my country. The five industrial sectors (design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment, and materials) are complete and rare in the world. The output value of the “three industries” of design, manufacturing, packaging and testing is also A more reasonable pattern has been achieved, the industrial structure has been continuously optimized, and breakthroughs have been made in the research and development and industrialization of high-end general-purpose chips.

While affirming the development achievements, Prof. Wei Shaojun further pointed out that the development of the semiconductor industry is like a boat against the current, if you do not advance, you will retreat.

Wei Shaojun’s analysis,my country’s semiconductor industry has been deployed with manufacturing as the center for a long time, and it should now turn to a product-centered industrial development model.

He sorted out that the current innovation capabilities of my country’s local semiconductor companies need to be improved. Taking 22 chip design companies listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board as an example, although their average R&D investment intensity reaches 25.5%, which is significantly higher than that of American companies, due to the volume of revenue. The absolute scale of R&D investment is still very limited, and it is necessary to explore other ways to promote the improvement of the innovation ability of the main body of enterprises.

Wei Shaojun also said that the development of my country’s semiconductor industry should not only make up for shortcomings, but also focus on forging long plates, and organically integrate with application-level advantageous industries such as 5G to achieve leapfrog development.

At the end of the speech, Prof. Wei Shaojun quoted the famous saying in “Book of Rites” that the development of the integrated circuit industry will not be achieved overnight, and requires long-term persistence and continuous problem solving. What problems will be encountered in the development, how to solve them, and make corresponding preparations.

Finally, Wei Shaojun said that the development of China’s semiconductor industry will not change because of certain people or things, nor will it stagnate because of external suppression. Relying on China’s huge market, hard-working Chinese people, and all industry colleagues who work hard day and night, the development of China’s semiconductor industry will surely reach the other side of victory.

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