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Video Recording In Samsung Galaxy S9 Is Hard After Android Pie Update



Much is good in Samsung’s upcoming Android 9.0 update and the new One UI. But one thing has to do with the heart: on our Galaxy S9 with Android Pie, recording video has not become more convenient.

Samsung S9 Camera Interface afrer pie

In the new One UI interface that comes with Android 9.0
Samsung has made an extra camera position of the video recording. Just like the – also new – Scene optimization mode, Video is a separate mode with Photo , just like all other camera angles. If you want to record a piece of video, you must first select the Video mode, and then start the recording yourself. This is an unnecessary act, which until now was simply not necessary. A certain logic may be there – but it is mainly theoretical.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 Separate video mode in Android Pie

Separate video mode in Android Pie

Galaxy s9 Video button in Android Oreo

Video button in Android Oreo

The change is visible in the beta software on the Galaxy S9, which is currently available in Samsung’s test program. This program is not available in the Netherlands. This is not yet the final upgrade that will be rolled out to all users in the beginning of 2019. So it may well be that this change will not be applied in the end – something that we ourselves hope for, because it is not convenient.


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