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Using the MOD APK of Spotify Premium, is it safe or in danger?



Spotify, being one of the most popular applications in the world, also It is one of the most pirated.

This is a problem that has existed for years and is that a large number of users have access to the fraudulently premium version of Spotify, that is, without paying a penny. And all thanks to the Spotify Premium MOD APKs.

And if you are one of the people who makes use of this APK or if you are thinking of using it, well, in this article we will explain to you if really hacking the app has any consequences.

Spotify against piracy

It is not new news for anyone that Spotify has declared war on those users who use the premium version of the app without paying for the service. Even so, it is known that it is a problem that continues to exist today and that there are many users who still make use of these pirated versions of the application.

Although this is a battle that Spotify has not yet won, it is known that a while ago the application published a statement where he explained that any user who hacked his application would be banned.

Spotify explained that anyone who made use of the fraudulent version of the application would receive a email informing you that abnormal activity has been detected in your Spotify accountand that they must uninstall the application they are using to download the official one from Google Play.

So, are you in danger when using the MOD APK of Spotify Premium?

Delete Spotify account

As mentioned above, by using a MOD APK of Spotify Premium, you would be risking your Spotify account being disabled. So yes, making use of this APK can have its consequences.

And not only do you run the risk of losing your account, but you should also be aware that downloading any APK from unknown sources is always a danger. You expose yourself to your phone being infected with malware or suffering from some kind of scam. The best thing will always be to download your files from official stores.

Now, we ourselves have tested the MOD APK of Spotify Premium offered by some pages such as APKMODY and The truth is that we have not had problems with bans or viruses.. Therefore, we assume that the situation with this type of versions of Spotify is the same as with WhatsApp Plus: the company threatens to suspend accounts for using them, but almost nobody suffers this consequence. Of course, we do not guarantee anything.

In short, you should not use the MOD APK of Spotify Premium

Things are very simple, if you don’t want to run the risk of being banned from Spotify, don’t hack the app. In case you are not willing to pay the Spotify Premium fee, you can choose to use the free version of the app with ads.

But yes having to deal with ads is something you are not willing to doWell, we also have for you a tutorial on how to remove Spotify ads for free and the 5 best alternatives to Spotify that you should give a try.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. And you, which alternative to Spotify would you recommend?

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