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UK Space Agency to invest £50m in satellite development TechRadar



Recently, the British Space Agency announced£50 million (currently approximately RMB 418 million) will be allocated as part of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Advanced Research in Telecommunications Servicesfor a range of projects such as the development of new satellite constellations, ground systems required to access satellite constellations, or entire end-to-end systems to deliver new services to customers.

Specific projects may include integrating 5G systems, upgrading infrastructure, expanding IoT connectivity, and supporting new markets and services, such as drones or unmanned transportation.

Science Secretary George Freeman said: “Developing space capabilities and maximizing commercial opportunities is part of the UK’s plan to be a leading force in space, in a sector that already contributes £16.5 billion to the UK economy. (Currently about 137.94 billion yuan) is part of the further development of the industry.”

Freeman proposes £50m UK Space Agency fundingWill help more companies enter booming UK space telecommunications industryhelping to drive growth in the UK economy.

The investment will create a space-based network to rival wired terrestrial networks, help UK operators use disruptive new technologies and business models, and deliver higher quality connections, higher bandwidth, lower latency and better connectivity to remote areas. High security service.

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