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Twitter already allows you to test your platform without creating an account or logging in



It seems that Twitter does not want to stop working and developing news, although we appreciate that a lot. In the last few months alone, cool new features like CoTweets, Twitter Notes, Private Circles, and the premium Twitter Blue subscription have arrived.

However, it seems that it is not enough and the company continues to try new ideas. The last thing they came up with was something that we think is great, because now you can try Twitter without creating an account.

You will not need a Twitter account to read other users, only to interact with them or tweet

Recently, Jane Manchun Wong revealed that Twitter would be testing a new functionality called “Try Twitter”. The popular leaker and engineer explained that this new feature allows you to use some features of the platform without having an account. In addition, he pointed out that it is available in the official Twitter app for Android and iOS.

Specifically, the leaker commented that “Try Twitter” will allow you to follow other (public) users and read their tweets on the timeline without having to create an account or log in to the platform. However, other actions like liking, retweeting, flagging tweets, or tweeting will still require a login.

You can read and follow other users with public accounts

This novelty seems to us a fantastic idea, since allows new users to experience and adapt to this famous social network. Besides, there are millions of passive users on Twitter, who only created an account to read their friends or get information, but never tweet. This functionality is perfect for them, as they won’t have to log in unnecessarily to do what they always do: read. In addition, this contributes to the non-proliferation of this type of accounts that do not contribute much to the social objective of this network.

Any problem with this service? Even if you don’t register an account, you must provide Twitter with a location before you can start browsing. This may seem like a problem, but its main function is to offer you the trends of the moment.

When will Try Twitter be available to all users

Although Jane Manchun Wong assured that Try Twitter is available to everyone through the official app for Android and iOS, she was wrong. Laura Burkhauser, one of Twitter’s product managers, corrected him by stating that Try Twitter is a feature that, momentarily, only available for some users.

This confirms that it is a novelty that is still in the development phase. Furthermore, it was learned shortly after Twitter is testing various versions of Try Twitterwith different characteristics, although the same central idea.

So still we have to wait a little more so everyone can try Twitter without creating an account. How long? We’d bet not too much.

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