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Tom Henderson denies that Sony will push PS5 Pro, saying it’s just a revision of PS5



News from IT House on January 24, previous sources said that Sony will release an improved model of the PlayStation 5 game console in April this year, which has reduced the size of the game console mold and has a detachable optical drive.

Recently, however, whistleblower Abhishek Yadav quoted an anonymous source as claiming that Sony will launch the new PS5 Pro as early as April 2023, which diverges from previous revelations.

This morning, Tom Henderson, a reliable whistleblower in the game industry, released multiple messages expressing his doubts about the PS5 Pro.I don’t think the new machine will be a Pro or Slim version, just a “gen 2” version of the PS5.

Tom Henderson said,He thinks Sony is aiming to reduce the number of PS5 models, to reduce production cost and complexity. Releasing a Pro console might have been a good business move in the past, but in this age of chip and component shortages, it doesn’t make much sense.

Also, his sources haven’t heard much about the PS5 Pro, and even more about the PS6 than the PS5 Pro.

IT House previously reported that the Leak’s source said that the appearance of the new Playstation 5, which will be launched next year, has undergone major changes.New “ultra-thin” version shrinks console die size, uses less voltage, runs cooler and is lighter.

also,Sources say Sony is also working on a console that doesn’t need a stand when it’s laying flat, a change that could indicate that the new Playstation 5 will ditch the current streamlined design. The company focused on reducing the size and weight of the Playstation 5 to reduce shipping and production costs.

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