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To narrow the gap with rivals such as Amazon, Walmart will increase the wages of hourly workers in the United States



IT House News on January 25, according to the Wall Street Journal, in order to attract front-line workers, Walmart (Walmart)is raising wages for its U.S. hourly workers.

On Tuesday local time, Wal-Mart said in an internal notice to employees that starting next month, the starting salary for American workers in Wal-Mart stores and warehouses will start at $12 an hour (currently about 81 yuan).raised to at least $14(Currently about 95 RMB).

For comparison, Walmart competitors including (Amazon) and Target (TGT )Minimum wage is $15 an hour(Currently about 102 RMB).

The US media pointed out that these changes are the latest in a series of salary increases that Walmart has made to narrow the gap with competitors. A Walmart spokesperson said,The current average hourly wage for hourly workers at Walmart is about $17(Currently about 115 RMB).

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