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TikTok releases new feature, original story can be forwarded to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram



On August 18th, the short video platform TikTok recently released a new feature that allows content creators on the TikTok platform to upload original content in TikTok stories (Stories, which disappear after 24 hours after publication).Retweet directly to social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook parent Meta is busy copying TikTok’s short-video feature across its major social media platforms, but TikTok’s latest release will allow its own content to appear on Meta’s social platform. TikTok began testing a new feature called “TikTok Stories” as early as last year. The company recently confirmed thatNew sharing feature allows users to repost stories to all major social media platforms.

This feature was first discovered by product intelligence firm Watchful. TikTok said,The feature has only recently started rolling out to TikTok usersso many users may not yet see the option in the app.

Meta has been trying to lower the ranking of many TikTok original videos on its short video app Reels, but TikTok’s newly released sharing function will increase the exposure of its own content on the Meta social platform. Meta has previously informed content creators that the company prioritizes original content on Reels, and said the recommendation algorithm will pay attention to watermarks in TikTok videos. Of course, retweeting original content may just provide a new way for TikTok creators to share their work and increase exposure.

It is reported that,TikTok Stories introduces a new sharing interface. Previously, after users clicked the option, they could click on a friend’s avatar in the pop-up share menu to directly share original content with friends on the TikTok platform. Among other things, this feature allows users to save videos to their local device, delete or change privacy settings.

Now,A row of popular social apps is listed in the share menu, and the option to copy the video link. Users can repost TikTok stories to platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram Stories. To be clear, users can only retweet stories through this feature, not individual TikTok videos. Like other platforms, TikTok stories can consist of still images or videos. Unless TikTok creators insert the TikTok videos they make into their stories, it’s still not possible to share TikTok videos directly to other places on Facebook or Instagram platforms other than Reels.

For TikTok content creators,This new sharing feature could be an effective way to reach other mainstream social network usersrequiring little extra effort.

TikTok has not confirmed when the feature will be rolled out to its global user base. After all, the TikTok story itself is still being tested globally and is not yet a fully released product, and new sharing features like new sharing features may not be available to all users, or these features may change when the product is publicly released .

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