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This is why using the cloud protects you more than you think



How the cloud protects us

To be protected from surfing the InternetFor example, you should use a good antivirus, keep everything up to date and, of course, avoid making mistakes. But there are other services and tools that can also help us. One of them is the use of the cloud, something that many users go unnoticed. Why does it protect us? As you will see, in several different ways.


The first thing is that it allows us create backups. We can save files of all kinds and always have them available. For example, you can create a folder in the cloud that synchronizes all the content that you have on your computer or in a certain folder that you choose. This will make sure that data and files are always available and protected in a copy.

In case you fall victim to a ransomware attack, your files may be compromised. Hackers will encrypt the content and you will not be able to open it normally. That’s where a backup comes into play, where you’re going to have those files protected without problems.

Avoid using physical devices

It also helps you avoid having to use physical devices, such as a pen drive. You are simply going to host the content in the cloud and, in this way, you will be able to have it available on any computer that has access to the network. You will have no problems of any kind.

A clear example is if you have to go to a store to print a document. The usual thing is that you carry a pendrive with the file, connect it to that computer and in this way you can print it. But of course, that PC may have viruses and they will infect the USB memory and, when you put it back in your computer, it will infect you too.

When using the cloud, what you do is simply log in to the browser and there you will have the file available. You will be able to print it on a public computer without having to expose the security of physical memory.

Analyze files

One more case of why the cloud helps maintain security is be able to analyze files. Platforms like Google Drive have functions that are responsible for determining if a document can be a threat or not. In this way, if for example you download a file on a foreign computer, where there is no antivirus available, you can use these services to see if it is a threat or not.

Therefore, to a certain extent it can act to detect possible malicious software. However, this does not mean that it is going to be a substitute for an antivirus, far from it, but it is one more option that you will have available to improve security.

In short, as you can see, the use of the cloud can also help you maintain security. There are many services available and they can serve to prevent certain attacks and, ultimately, as an extra barrier of protection.

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