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This is SALT, an app like Tinder but only for Christians



Though Tinder It no longer has the relevance that it had during its launch, it is still the most popular dating app of all. Well, unfortunately this famous application not the best dating place for everyone. For this reason, alternatives have emerged such as LGBTQ+ dating apps and those aimed exclusively at the rich and famous.

Well, the believers of Christianity also have their alternative. Is about JUMP, a dating app that lets you meet other christian people so you can find the love of your life. Do you want to know how it works? Well, we’ll explain it to you right away.

SALT, the dating app for Christians like Tinder

SALT is the most popular dating app in the Christian community, as currently has more than 10,000 active Christians who participate in the platform in search of an affective relationship. As in any other application, the first thing you have to do when downloading it is to create an account, being able to use your Facebook or Google account to download it faster.

The registration process is very similar to other platforms: they will ask for your name, age, gender, where you live, etc. However, one aspect in which this app differs is that You must write a text in a section about how you would describe your faith (this would be the bio in other dating apps).

Likewise, to complete your profile you will have to answer a series of categories that will be taken into account by the SALT algorithm for matchmaking. These are related to the type of church you belong to (Methodist, Orthodox, Protestant, etc.)if you drink, smoke, your current marital status or if you have children or not.

Once you have your profile, the rest of the operation of the app is very similar to that of Tinder. SALT will show you the users that match the characteristics of your profile and you can indicate if you are interested or not to see if you can get a match or coincidence.

And you… Will you dare to try the clone of Tinder for Christians?

SALT - Christian Dating App

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