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‘This group cannot be displayed’ on Telegram – How to unblock a Telegram group?



When a Telegram group violates the rules of the social network, is exposed to being blocked by it. So it is very normal that, when trying to join a channel, you will be shown a message “This group cannot be shown” regardless of whether you do it from a web browser, iPhone or Android.

If valid evidence of the faults is obtained, it will be impossible to unblock or remove restriction from that channel. In the event that it has been unjustifiably blocked, you can opt for a review by contacting: abuse/ There you can explain your case and expect that the message “This group cannot be displayed” in a telegram channel be revoked.

Why are there groups or channels that cannot be displayed on Telegram?

Telegram has many reasons why you can block a group or block a person. In most cases, all have an affinity with the violation of the norm set by the same application.

Therefore, among the main reasons why this social network keeps a certain channel blocked is due to the distribution of pornography, facilitating illegal downloads through specialized channels. So it is not at all normal to see on Telegram that, when entering the chat of a channel, you see “This group cannot be shown”. It can be said that it is a feature that not all social networks and applications have.

inappropriate content

One of the main reasons why a channel ends up being blocked is due to sharing and/or publishing content that encourages piracy. In other words, you have violated proprietary rights, and, last but not least, the presence of spam.

Here it is important to highlight that in individual chats it is very difficult to detect these reasons, unless the same user reported it. This is because Telegram does not access this type of conversation and it is necessary to remove the restriction.

But the same does not happen with the public content of the groups. Therefore, the latter are exposed to being blocked, so administrators have to find a way to remove restriction to their channel. So if you want to avoid being blocked, avoid sharing fraudulent information.

Violations of Telegram policies

It is very easy to understand why we see that, when entering the chat of a channel, instead of seeing content, we are shown the typical message of “This group cannot be displayed”. The policies are clear and while it is true that there are users in applications like this who manage to go unnoticed, most of the time they are detected and end up blocked.

Reports by users

One of the reasons why a channel tends to have its chat blocked is because there are users who block the content that is shared on Telegram. The complaint or reports can be made from the web browser, iPhone or Android. As long as there is internet connection, it is possible to do it.

After several reports to the same channel or content, it is closed and shown in chat “This group cannot be displayed”. So you have to do certain procedures to unlock the group or channel. This can be done from an iPhone, Android, or a web browser.

What effects do restricted groups have on Telegram?

The first thing to note is that the administrator will have limitations when sharing your content. You will most likely have to appeal to unlock features and such. But since there are restrictions, Telegram won’t let you share videos, images or audio. Regardless of whether you have a good internet connection, it will be difficult to post if the internet is blocked. So you have to remove restriction and unlock all administrator functions.

How can Telegram restrictions be removed?

Although Telegram maintains its own policies and regulations just like other applications and social networks, it generally also allows the free one. As long as the user is responsible for its content.

So the option to remove restriction and unlock a group arose. These are addressed to prevent the channel from being blocked for sharing content that is considered sensitive to the general public. To carry it out, you just need to go to the options menu, then enter privacy and security settings. Although it does not hurt to implement a password or other security methods on the Internet.

Right there you can read a field that quotes ‘sensitive content‘. This is where you should select to disable the filter so you can remove the restriction. In this way, you can share information without censorship and worry that it will unblock your account or channel with the platform itself.

telegram login

Unblock my Telegram group from an Android mobile

You can make a private group on Telegram, like a public one. While the former provides reliability to users, the latter not so much. In fact, from this aspect the differential line between the two is marked. Private groups are always encrypted, so external agents cannot see the shared content, even if you have a password.

On the other hand, public groups allow any user to access the application. They usually spread all kinds of content without the need to use a password. In case of missing Telegram regulations, the platform chooses to block them. Given this, it is inferred that there is a possibility of unblocking the group or removing the restriction depending on each case.

If the group was blocked for serious reasons, it will be impossible to remove the restriction. And if it was unjustified, you must contact the platform and request recovery. In this way, Telegram will be able to evaluate the case and analyze if there are concrete reasons for the blocking.

Remove the restriction in a Telegram group from iPhone

The truth is that there is not much difference in terms of the methods applied for web browsers or Android. You have to follow the same procedure, you just have to have an internet connection for it and you will have an opportunity to remove the restriction or unlock your account without problems.

unlock channel

How to prevent my Telegram group from being restricted or blocked again?

To do this, you will have to read the terms and conditions of the platform. All applications and social networks of this style. On the internet there is an infinity of information that can help you and thus avoid going through the entire process to unblock content or a channel created by you.

What happens to a Telegram group that has been blocked?

A group that has been blocked on Telegram for missing the extensive regulations of the social network, will be automatically restrictedso the other people who want to enter will find a message notifying them and implying that the group is out of service.

Since a group, when blocked, is immediately prohibited by Telegram so that it does not continue sharing and/or disseminating said information with the members, much less with the other users who have not yet been integrated.

How can you access a blocked group on Telegram?

Although there is no certified method to access a blocked Telegram group, here are two ways that could work, as they have been useful to other users before. The first is to remove the restrictions using the web version of the application service, so first of all, log in to Telegram Web.

Once everything is loaded, go to the search bar where you can search for the best Telegram groups and channels, where you must write the name of the group that has been blocked, and which you want to access. Among the results that appear, select the one indicated and press to access, when you execute this action the unavailability message will no longer appear for any reason.

While, in the second form, a BOT called ‘Deny’ is used. Here the procedure is simple, you just have to open the Telegram application, click on the magnifying glass icon or on the search bar to write @Nicegram_bot. There open the BOT and press start. Among the options that are displayed, click on Deny Login to be able to modify the parameters related to sensitive content and/or available only for people over 18 years of age.

telegram search bar

Confirm that you are of legal age, then return to the chat you want to access. In this case, at the top select said BOT. At this point you must access, go back and return to start the Telegram platform, to activate the BOT functions. This way you can easily access groups, including those blocked for sensitive content or any other reason.

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