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This artist has Sony to thank for being hired by Moon Studios (Ori) for the PlayStation game.



Game news This artist has Sony to thank for being hired by Moon Studios (Ori) for the PlayStation game.

Published on 02/08/2023 at 13:24

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He must have dreamed about it, now it’s a reality. A young designer has just been hired by Moon Studios after submitting a project developed with a PlayStation game that is used to create other games designed by Media Molecule.

From dream to reality

This is a beautiful story that we just discovered on social media. 20 year old fashion designer under the pseudonym Evfolakiy, has just fulfilled his dream of joining Moon Studios, creators of Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Two games that got excellent ratings from us. When he contacts the studio, he sends not a project developed under Unreal Engine or Unity, but under Dreams by Media Molecule, a game that is used to create games on PlayStation platforms.

The video you can see above immediately impresses Thomas Mahler, co-founder of Moon Studios. The featured platform game called Trip’s Voyage is really quite impressive. The levels seem varied, the special effects are successful, the animations are plentiful, and the exposed sequences show game situations worthy of professional creations.

Thomas Mahler then offers an interview to Jufolas, whom he describes on Twitter as “a young designer who has only worked with Dreams so far.” “It’s amazing that these days people can learn game development by playing! I wish I had these tools at my disposal when I first started,” he tweeted. Two days later, the co-founder officially announces the good news: the young creator has officially become part of Moon Studios and will be the level designer on the group’s next project.

“Wonderful News”

Eupholaky thirsty announce the information in your personal account, and Media Molecule said it was “great news.” Could there be a better advertisement for a game made by a studio? Moon Studios is currently working on a 3D RPG inspired by Diablo, Dark Souls and Zelda. The title has been in development for 4 years and will be published by Private Division. Evfolaky will start working on this project this summer. “Ori was our Mario and here is our Zelda,” wrote Thomas Mahler on Twitter a few days ago. Is the official opening coming soon?

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