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These six new Apple watchOS 9 features will land on Apple Watch Series 8/Ultra and more later this year



IT House September 25 news, with the new Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8 models now in the hands of customers, Apple has brought many smart new features to the wrist. But there are many more new features on the way.

before the end of the year,Apple is giving Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra users some additional features, some of which are watchOS 9 features, which means they can even be used on older Apple Watches.

Track detection

Apple will soon introduce a new track running experience that automatically detects when a user reaches a track and combines Apple Maps data with GPS to provide a more accurate route map (including the option to select a track) and more accurate Pace and distance metrics. Apple says orbit detection will be available in the U.S. later this year through a software update for Apple Watch Series 4 and later models.

racing route

Race Routes is a new workout feature designed for runners to race against the best or last time on any frequently completed route. The feature will also provide in-session pacing guidance to keep the user’s progress competitive. Apple says the racing route will be available on Apple Watch Series 4 and later later this year.

International Roaming

For cellular Apple Watch models, Apple will soon introduce support for international roaming. Apple said it has struck deals with 30 carrier partners to support the feature, including Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, Three and O2 in the UK, and international carriers including China Mobile, Movistar and SoftBank. IT House has learned that Apple said that cellular models of Apple Watch Series 5 and later will provide international roaming services by the end of this year.

Home Settings – Home Home app support

Family Setup will support the Home app, which will allow kids to be invited as members to control HomePod speakers and smart home accessories. Thanks to the extra support, kids can also use home keys and hotel keys in Apple Wallet.

The feature hinges on Apple’s new Home architecture, a separate update in the Home app, and will be available in a software update later this year. Note that a Home Hub is required to share control of the home and receive home notifications, and in iOS 16 only Apple TV and HomePod are supported as home hubs.

Oceanic+ Ocean app (Apple Watch Ultra)

Developed by Apple and third-party company Huish Outdoors, Oceanic+ is a built-in dive computer designed for the Apple Watch Ultra device. As a free app on the App Store, Oceanic+ will include depth tracking (including depth alerts), GPS tracking, logbook (up to 12 dives), snorkeling, and more.

For more advanced diving options, such as no decompression restrictions, users will need to purchase an Oceanic+ subscription plan ($4.99/day, $9.99/month or $79/year). Oceanic+ will be available on the App Store later this fall.

Low Power Mode (Apple Watch Ultra)

Apple Watch Ultra has the longest battery life of any Apple Watch, with up to 36 hours of normal use. However, Apple is working on a new low-power setting that can extend battery life to up to 60 hours on a single charge.

Apple says estimated battery life is based on scenario usage in low power mode with exercise settings enabled to reduce heart rate and GPS readings: 15 hours of exercise, over 600 time checks, 35 minutes of app usage, 3 minutes of calls , and 15 hours of sleep tracking, over 60 hours. Apple says a low-power setting with reduced frequency of GPS and heart rate readings will be available later this fall.

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