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These are the best alternatives to Super Smash Bros for Android



video game series Super Smash Bros is one of a kind. In 1999, Masahiro Sakurai created the first game in the series for the mythical Nintendo 64, a game of fighting that combines with platformsand that is characterized by being able to play more than 2 players at the same time in an open scenario where you will lose your life if you exceed the established limits.

Since then, Nintendo has produced new versions of the game for its consoles in each generation. However, being an exclusive saga of Nintendo, there is no official Super Smash Bros outside of Nintendo consoles. Fortunately, the formula of the series has inspired new games that seek to replicate the experience, and some of these are available on Android.

The 3 best games like Super Smash Bros for Android

Although new alternatives to the Super Smash Bros series have recently been seen on consoles with games like Multiversus, we can’t say the same for Android phones. The list of games is so scarce that, leaving aside the unpromising proposals, we are left with only 3 games that stand out for replicating the essence of the series very well.


Undoubtedly the best option among all, and the most serious of the list, since it even has tournaments and an active eSport scene. Not only that, Brawlhalla is found on the various current consoles, on PC, and the most recent version, on Android, so has a constantly growing community. The best? It has cross playso even if you play from your mobile, you can play with your friends from other platforms.

Brawlhalla has enchanted everyone since its launch and continues to grow thanks to its constant updates, where they not only keep the game balanced, but they keep adding characters. And not just any characters, since they crossover with other entertainment franchises like Tomb Raider, Ninja Turtles, Adventure Time, or the most recent, Assassin’s Creed. Very Super Smash Bros. Nope?


We can not praise Rumble Arena as Brawlhalla, but it is certainly an interesting proposal that clearly seeks to replicate Super Smash Bros, but with its own original touch, this time. with characters inspired by various gods. It is available for mobile and PC, in addition, it has crossplay between platforms.

Rumble Arena is a multiplayer fighting game with legends and gods from all over the galaxywhere you can fight against other players in epic battles, dominate your favorite hero and be the last one standing in scenarios inspired by mythologies.

Rumble Arena - Super Smash

Flash Party

The surprise on the list is undoubtedly Flash Party, a game clearly inspired by Super Smash Bros. with art and graphics very similar to the last installments of the seriesbut that at the same time gives off a lot of originality, with very colorful and varied characters with whom you can fight in very well-crafted scenarios that are reminiscent of the video game that inspired them.

Flash Party is a game developed by XD Entertainment Pte Ltd., the same company that co-founded Tap Tapa mobile video game platform where you can download this game (no, it’s not in the Play Store). The game is available for mobile and PC.

Link │ Download FlashParty

Don’t you want alternatives? Play Super Smash Bros on Android

Emulate Super Smash Bros on Android

If what you are looking for is play the original series Super Smash Bros and no alternatives, you can do it too, but you will have to resort to more cumbersome processes than just downloading and installing the game.

As is well known, the Super Smash Bros series has only been released for Nintendo consoles, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play any of these games on your Android, since it is possible to emulate these consoles on your mobile and be able to play your favorite games.

  • In this sense, the first thing you should do is learn how to emulate console games on your Android.
  • Choose the right emulator depending on the game you prefer. Note that there are various games of the series ranging from the Nintendo 64 to the current Nintendo Switch.
  • Find the ROM or ISO of the game of your preference and run it in the proper emulator so you can enjoy the Super Smash Bros series on your Android.

On the other hand, if you want to complete the experience when playing these Super Smash Bros alternatives, or the originals, you can’t forget to use one of the best controls to play on your Android.

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