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The Xiaomi Xiaoai Voice App is offline, including Shandong dialect (Jinan) and other 4 dialect recognition capabilities



According to news from IT House on February 1, according to feedback from netizens, Xiaomi’s Xiaoai Voice App recently ushered in an update of 6.2. Tianjin dialect has 4 recognition capabilities, and some known problems have been optimized.

Previously, Xiao Ai’s dialect recognition function supported Northeastern dialect, Henan dialect, Hebei dialect, Shandong dialect (Jinan), Shanxi dialect (Taiyuan), Shaanxi dialect (Xi’an) and Tianjin dialect, etc.

IT Home learned that,Xiaoai Voice is an intelligent voice assistant owned by Xiaomi, which helps users to get all kinds of things done with one sentence.. Xiaoai Voice, Xiaoai Vision, Xiaoai Translator, Xiaoai Call, etc. together form the smart product matrix of “Xiaoai Classmates”. Xiao Ai 6.0 is an intelligent evolution, a new upgrade, and a new member of the Xiao Ai family is “Xiao Ai Suggestion”.

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