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The waterproof bone conduction headset Whale Alpha is on sale, starting at 498 yuan



IT House reported on May 15 that the waterproof bone conduction headset Whale Alpha is officially on sale. The original price is 698 yuan, and the limited-time discount price is 498 yuan.

Whale Alpha transmits the sound to the auditory nerve by vibrating the bone, keeping the ears open while enjoying the music call, fully sensing the changes in the external environment, and improving the safety of night running, cycling, and driving; through IP68 professional dustproof Waterproof certification, the official experimental environment reaches a depth of 10 meters, and there is no water ingress in the 1-hour test.

Whale Alpha uses Actions ATS2853 audio-grade chip, high performance, low energy consumption, supports call AEC echo cancellation, and cooperates with Whale quality tuning to achieve a more balanced tri-band performance; adopts AVAT self-absorbing technology, and adds a new low-frequency enhancement unit, Optimize the output of the low and medium frequency bands, the bass dive is deeper, and it is also equipped with LED streamer night running lights and breathing lights.

IT House learned from the product page that Whale Alpha uses dual-mode Bluetooth memory, equipped with 32GB large memory and Bluetooth V5.3, connects playback devices with Bluetooth on water, and listens to local music in storage mode underwater; it adopts a multi-function key design, One-key operation can complete multiple operations such as answering/hanging up the phone and calling up the mobile phone voice assistant.

Whale Alpha also adopts magnetic charging technology, anti-fooling magnetic design, corrosion-resistant magnetic sheet and stainless steel thimble, supporting 8 hours of daily use (70% volume, turn off LED lighting effect).

JingdongWhale Alpha Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones 698 yuandirect link

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