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The VR game masterpiece “Arizona Sunshine 2” announced: fighting zombies in the last days, it will be available on PS VR2 and Steam within this year



IT House news on May 25th, developer Vertigo Games announced the sequel to the classic VR game masterpiece “Arizona Sunshine 2”,The work will be launched in 2023 and land on PlayStation VR2 and Steam VR platforms. A direct sequel to the best-selling VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine, it includes even more bloody zombie action.

▲ Source Vertigo Games

According to reports, in “Arizona Sunshine 2”, players will once again become the protagonist with a sense of black humor, return to Arizona where zombies are everywhere, and embark on a new chapter of VR journey.

In this post-apocalyptic world where every bullet counts, players can experience the thrill of real combat with all-new and fan-favorite weapons, including shotguns, machetes, and flamethrowers. The new melee combat system will push players to the edge of the limit, kill zombies like never before, and experience a complete next-generation action feast!

▲ Source Vertigo Games

As the sequel to “Arizona Sunshine”, players can embark on a new world adventure to find answers in the new work,And get through it with new friend Buddy.

Buddy is not only the player’s partner, but also the most obedient boy who will help the player to deal with those nasty zombies. In this story, the protagonist and Buddy will join post-apocalyptic Arizona in a desperate search for another living being, a new calling for themselves, and joy that the wilderness they’re in has never been able to provide.

▲ Source Vertigo Games

“Arizona Sunshine 2” claims to provide a more realistic and immersive experience, allowing players to feel the post-apocalyptic atmosphere more realistically. The development team of the game stated that they listened to the opinions and suggestions of fans, retained the popular elements of the original work, and added more new elements at the same time to improve the playability and fun of the game.

The promotional video of “Arizona Sunshine 2” has been released, and friends of IT House can see the introduction content of the game.

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