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The video export time is 7 seconds shorter than that of M1 Ultra, and the video processing performance of Apple M2 Max is measured



IT House News on January 24, when Apple launched the M2 Max MacBook Pro, it said that the chip is equipped with a more powerful media engine dedicated to video processing.Brian Tong, a foreign digital channel, made an actual comparison of video processing to see how much faster the M2 Max is in processing ProRes than the previous generation.

In its MacBook Pro launch video, Apple says the M2 Max’s media engine “doubles ProRes support for significantly faster media playback and transcoding” compared to the M1 Max.

IT Home learned that in order to test the M2 Max MacBook Pro, Brian Tong conducted a number of tests on the Mac Studio equipped with the M1 Ulta and the MacBook Pro equipped with the M1 Max.

The final test results confirmed Apple’s official statement. M2 Max’s dedicated dual ProRes encode and decode engines deliver impressive capabilities.

In the Final Cut Pro 10.6.3 video export test, the M2 Max exported in 40 seconds to the M1 Max’s 78 seconds, about one-half the M1 Max’s export time. But impressively, it’s even 7 seconds faster than the M1 Ultra.

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