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The turn-based strategy game “Shenbi Tanbing” is released: it will join XGP for the first time – Programmer Sought



According to news from IT House on February 1, “Shenbi Tanbing” is released today on PC and Xbox platforms, and it will join XGP for the first time.

According to reports, “The Magic Brush” is a turn-based strategy game drawn with ink on medieval manuscripts. Don’t underestimate the butts of rabbits. They may be more lethal than a sword in a dog’s hand. Take control of life ink, create your own mythical beasts, defeat medieval superstars, and accumulate talent points to unleash special abilities.

game introduction:

“Shen Bi Tan Bing” adopts a turn-based combat mode, but it has a strategy (and humor!) that you can’t imagine. Embark on a journey full of variables, create your own mythical beast, defeat medieval superstars, and accumulate talent points to display special abilities.

Control the life ink, wave the quill in your hand, draw your unique strategy time and time again, and you can become the greatest magic pen of all time!

The Magic Pens are a legendary order whose battlefield is the pages of medieval manuscripts. They are painted with life ink as beasts to fight. Thanks to the monster, the paper creatures came to life and an epic battle ensues. Move your beasts on the battlefield, give them orders or fight alongside them. Make good use of various obstacles, collect more life ink, draw more beasts, and let them help you.

IT Home understands that the game supports Simplified Chinese, with a special discount of 89.1 yuan for the first release on Steam, and the recommended graphics card configuration is GTX 1060.

Steam link:Click here to go

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