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The technical service will no longer be able to see your photos and messages thanks to the Samsung Repair Mode



Whether it is because the battery is swelling, the screen does not work or any other problem, at some point you will have to take the mobile to repair. And, in this situation, one of the main concerns of users is that the technical service has access to their photosdocuments and messages when repairing the broken device.

As well, Samsung just announced a new feature for your mobiles that will solve this inconvenience. Its about “repair mode” with which you can hide all personal and private information on the phone so that it cannot be seen by those responsible for repairing the terminal. You want to know more? Well, right away we will tell you what is known in this way so far.

What is Samsung repair mode and what is it for?

The guys from SamMobile have been in charge of filtering this news. According to the media this new mode will start to arrive in Korea for the Samsung Galaxy S21. This new function aims to provide greater guarantees to users regarding the privacy of their personal data (photos, messages, passwords, installed apps and all kinds of files) when leaving the mobile in the technical service.

Although only the two images you can see above have been leaked so far, it has been revealed that this mode will be available in the mobile battery settings and it will be activated just by clicking on it. Once this mode is activated, the mobile will restart and it will no longer be possible to access its personal information. And, as expected, to disable this mode you will have to use the password or biometrics with which it is blocked.

Many are the users who choose to delete all the information from the mobile before sending it to the technical service. Well, with this new mode of the Samsung Galaxy S21 (which we hope will reach the rest of its terminals and those of other brands), this will no longer be necessary. It will be enough to activate the “repair mode” and that’s it.

And you… Do you think that this mode should reach all Android terminals?

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