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The starting price is 5,499 yuan, Xiaomi Mijia Refrigerator Cross Door 603L Ice Crystal Rock is open for appointment



IT House news on May 23, Xiaomi launched a new productMijia refrigerator cross door 603L ice crystal rock, reservations are now open. The front of the Xiaomi Mijia Refrigerator 603L is covered with a cryolite glass panel, which can play the role of scratch resistance, nano antifouling and organic fingerprint resistance, with a delicate touch. The refrigerator adopts a bottom heat dissipation design, has a 69cm box body, and covers an area of ​​about 0.57 square meters.

The refrigerator has a built-in capacity of 603L,Divided into 396L refrigerated area, 106L variable temperature area and 101L frozen areaequipped with 8 partitions: daily refrigerated area, widened fruit and vegetable box, ecological moisturizing area, variable temperature area for mothers and babies, wine and beverage area, healthy beauty area, frozen and fresh-keeping area, and variable temperature and fresh-keeping area, and refrigerated and frozen spaces can be added as needed ; The interior is equipped with a 360° air-cooled cycle, 7Kg / 12h refrigeration power, and the official propaganda can freeze 28 catties of beef in 24 hours; the interior uses a combination of frequency conversion compressor and frequency conversion fan, with 6 temperature sensing devices, which can make the internal temperature fluctuation more stable Small.

In terms of power consumption,The Xiaomi Mijia Refrigerator cross-door 603L ice crystal rock needs about 0.99 kilowatt-hours of electricity a day, and the operating noise is 36 decibels; The interior is equipped with panoramic lighting and recessed light sources. The front is equipped with an LCD touch screen, built-in adjustable shelves, stainless steel slide rail drawers, and dust-proof and anti-bacterial door seals. The refrigerator supports connection to the Mijia App and can be remotely controlled on the mobile phone.

At present, the Xiaomi Mijia Refrigerator Cross Side Door 603L Ice Crystal Rock has been put on the e-commerce platform.The pre-sale price is 5499 yuaninterested IT home partners can go to check.

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