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The Sandman: let’s discover the eternals of the Netflix series



With The Sandman, fans are introduced to a dark, engaging, fascinating world. They approach the Neil Gaiman comic series.

The Sandman is a 2022 US television series created by Neil Gaiman, David S. Goyer and Allan Heinberg, based on the DC Comics comic of the same name.

But there are many characters to watch out for on the show, some of whom are known as a group of named siblings The Endless.

Morpheus, or Dream as he is often called, he is the main Endless that we follow on the show as he is the lead character “Sandman”. But Dream has many siblings, including Despair, Desire, Death, and others.

Many are introduced to the show in the first season, but there are many more that we don’t meet in the opening 10 episodes.

The concept of Endless is difficult to explain, but it is essentially the anthropomorphic embodiments of certain forces in the natural universe, things like Death and Desire, which are real things, things that mortals feel.

There are seven brothers and they all begin, in the original language, with the letter “D”. I am Dream, Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire, Despair and Delirium. The Endless are the children of the cosmic entities Night and Time.

  • Dream: also known as Sandman and Morpheus, and many other names, is the personification of dreams and stories. He controls the realm of dreams and is the protagonist of the series. Tom Sturridge lends the face to the character of the series. Sturridge is a Tony Award nominated actor who has also starred in productions such as Effie Gray and the film Velvet Buzzsaw.
  • Wish: Mason Alexander Park gives birth to desire in The Sandman . Desire is the twin of Despair, both brothers are younger than Dream. In the comics, Desiderio is cruel and has complicated relationships with Dream, as he often tries to interfere in his affairs. Alexander talked about why Desiderio is such an “antagonist” in the series: he is complex and has a rude nature.
  • Despair: The actress Preston woman she plays Desiderio’s twin, Desperation. Her role on the show is relatively minor, at least in the first season. The two have proven to be very close and often work together on their plans against Dream and the other siblings. As her name suggests, Desperation embodies the emotion of the same name and spends time marveling at the desperate humans in her kingdom.
  • Death: British actress Kirby Howell-Baptiste plays Dream’s older sister in the show. She is a very kind being who slowly brings souls into her realm of hers. She often helps her brother understand mortals when he is perplexed. Humans may fear death, but she is actually kind and does her best to facilitate their journey towards it.
  • Destruction: Destruction is a unique part of The Endless as he is the only brother to actually leave his kingdom, so he doesn’t have a seal. Sometimes he is called “The Prodigal”. So far, however, he is not part of the Netflix series and is presented as a tall, stout man with red hair.
  • Destiny: First and oldest of all, he controls a kingdom known as “The Garden” which features a tremendous hedge maze. He appears as a blind man in a hooded cloak and is billions of years old.
  • Delirium: is the younger brother and was formerly known as the embodiment of pleasure and joy. Her appearance often changes due to her fluctuating mood, but she is generally a small, skinny girl with multicolored hair and quirky outfits.

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