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The opening animation of “Crouching Dragon: Fall from the Sky” is announced, and the story originates from Qin Shihuang’s search for the elixir of life.



News from IT House on January 25, the Diablo Three Kingdoms death game “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls” will be released on March 3, 2023, landing on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC (via Microsoft Store and Steam) platform.

Before the game’s release, IGN announcedThe opening animation of “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Has Fallen”introduced us to the background of the rampant monsters in the game.

As can be seen from the opening animation, the background story of the game is adapted fromQin Shihuang’s search for the elixir of life, and this elixir is expected to be the source of the demon’s power. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the power of elixir was awakened again, and it was about to wake up the sleeping dragons everywhere.

According to the game introduction, “Crouching Dragon: Fall from the Sky” takes the land of the Central Plains at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty as the stage. Players will become brave soldiers without names,Use the sword and halberd movements that incorporate the essence of Chinese martial arts to break through the chaotic world where demons are rampant. In addition, this work also designed a new strategic element to help players overcome adversity.

In the new trailer of “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls”, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Dong Zhuo, Sun Jian and other heroes who influenced the chaos of the late Han Dynasty appeared, and the mysterious woman “Hong Jing” also appeared in the trailer for the first time. Mr. Guo Zhengjian, who once dubbed 30 characters in the 94 version of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, dubbed the Taoist priest in black who appeared as the villain in the trailer, and many other well-known voice actors also contributed their voices in the trailer.

IT Home learned that “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls” is on the Steam platform for pre-sale,The price of the standard version in the country is 298 yuan, and the price of the digital deluxe version in the country is 447 yuansupports Simplified Chinese subtitles and Chinese dubbing.

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