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The new big Windows 10 update now available: this is how it is achieved



During his first years of life, Windows 10 has been receiving two annual updates: the first, in the spring, and the second in the fall of the same year. These updates included new features, improvements, and new features, as well as a large number of fixes and optimizations. However, since the arrival of Windows 11, the Windows development cycle has tightened further, receiving only one update a year. After the fall update of 2021, known as 21H1, now it is the turn of the first (and only) update of 2022: 22H2. And now you can update your PC.

A few hours ago, Microsoft uploaded a new cumulative update for Windows 10 to its servers that allows us to jump directly to version 22H2 of the operating system. When installing it, our PC will go from using build 19044.1862 to having the build 19045.1862and we can continue using our PC with the latest version of the OS installed on the PC.

Unlike previous versions, the new 22H2 is a very minor update. The patch even takes up less than 200 KB. This new version does not bring major new features or improvements, but simply sets a benchmark for those who want to have the system up to date or install it from scratch. All the changes have been arriving little by little through the cumulative updatesso we will not notice anything else.

To install this new version on our PC, we simply have to download patch KB5015684which we can do from the following links:

  • Version for 64 bits.
  • Version for 32 bits.

Once the patch is downloaded, we install it on the computer, wait for it to be applied, and restart the computer.

When it turns on again, we can see that, in the system information, Windows 10 22H2 already appears installed.

Winver Windows 10 22H2

Update: Microsoft has removed the official links for updates. However, we can find a copy of these in the following links. Of course, the download and installation of the patch is under the responsibility of each one.

  • Alternative download of KB5015684 for 64-bit.
  • Alternative download of KB5015684 for 32-bit.

Better wait for the final release

As we have already explained, Microsoft released this update by mistake. Therefore, now it is only possible to find them on links shared by other users, with the risks that this entails. So, we have two options: either use these alternative links, or wait for the update to reach everyone in order to update our computer through Windows Update as it has always been done.

Be that as it may, it is clear that Microsoft already has the update ready, although not even Insiders have received it yet. Therefore, it should not take much longer to start reaching users.

The same thing happens with Windows 11. The 2022 update (which, this time yes, comes full of improvements and news), which is expected in summer, is not yet available to users. Although, in this case, Insider users have had the RTM of this 22H2 installed for a long time.

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