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The latest rendering of Meizu Service Experience Center is exposed: there are cars and mobile phones, and the goal is to build 1,000 stores in the future.



IT House reported on February 1 that in December last year, Xingji Meizu, a subsidiary of Geely, wholly owned Meizu Technology. It had previously announced the FlymeAuto car-machine system, and Meizu was determined to focus on the car.

At the same time, Meizu will redesign its offline flagship store,In the design proposal, it can be seen that the store has reserved a place for parking exhibition it is certain that the new Meizu flagship will sell cars.

Today, the blogger @电端校长 released aThe latest renderings of the Meizu Service Experience Centerexposed the design preview of Meizu’s new flagship store after completion.

As can be seen from the figure, the new Meizu Service Experience Center willSelling mobile phones and cars at the same time,The car displayed is expected to be the Lynk & Co 01EM-P hybrid model (the Lynk & Co brand is a joint venture between Geely Automobile and Volvo Cars).

In addition, the sign at the entrance of Meizu Service Experience Center,Including Meizu, Meizu Lipro smart home, Meizu PANDAER trendy accessories, Lynk & Cowhich is expected to integrate the product ecology of automobiles, mobile phones, and life, expand the future retail space, and provide consumers with an immersive product integration experience of multiple terminals and all scenarios.

IT House previously reported that some netizens discovered that there is a brand new Meizu offline store in Wuhan under renovation. It is suspected that the flagship store mentioned by Wan Zhiqiang, assistant vice president of Meizu Technology, according to the pictures released by netizens,Meizu’s flagship store in Wuhan directly sold a three-story buildingit seems that it is not a small facade, and the fence is also marked with FlymeAuto lettering.

Meizu Technology previously revealed at the “Meizu Conference 2022” event held in Zhuhai,In the next 3 years, we will aim to build 1,000 full-scenario storesso that more users can experience Meizu products and services offline.

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