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The latest game data of “Sniper Elite 5”: the number of players reaches 5 million, and the number of “egg hits” reaches 10 million



News from IT House on December 6th, “Sniper Elite 5” officially released a set of game data today, saying that the number of players exceeded 5 million, the total number of invasions exceeded 7 million, and the number of AI kills reached 1.3 billion, including explosive eggs. Reached 10 million kills.

IT Home learned that in May of this year, “Sniper Elite 5” was officially launched and launched on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4/5, Epic, Steam and Windows Store platforms, and joined Xbox Game Pass on the first day.

According to reports, “Sniper Elite 5” will bring players to witnessElite marksman Karl Fairburne travels to France in 1944 to disrupt the evil Operation Kraken. According to the official statement, the brand-new game map is based on the reality of various locations in France in 1944 as a blueprint. While annihilating the enemy, it provides players with a brand new movement system and a larger sandbox option, and this sandbox option is also the largest and most immersive map in the history of the “Sniper Elite” series. Players can also invite friends to help you complete tasks. “Sniper Elite 5” continues the characteristics of the “Sniper Elite” series,Continue with great ballistics and enhanced killcams, taking the unparalleled tactical sniping experience to another level. New in-game customization options let you tweak your rifles, other weapons, and ammo to suit different missions and your personal playstyle.

In terms of configuration requirements, the game’s recommended configuration is i5-8400+16GB memory+6GB video memory DX12 graphics card.

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