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The highest number of games played in a single day is 31.7 million, and the chess machine “Kitten” is too popular to overwhelm the server



According to IT House news on January 24, the chess website launched five very cute robot “kitten” Mittens earlier this month, leading to an average of 27.5 million games per day. This also put a severe strain on the servers, throwing a 502 data connection error.

IT Home understands that said in a blog post updated today: “Our servers are struggling, especially during the peak hours from noon to 4 pm Eastern Time in the United States.” said in a blog post: “We also know that encountering 502 errors can be super frustrating, and we apologize for these issues.” added in the blog post: “With 31.7 million games played on January 20 alone, a record for a site, we now routinely see over a million games an hour”.

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