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The Harry Potter Game Everyone’s Been Waiting For? – Video test –



The official release of Hogwarts Legacy, an open-world game set in the Harry Potter universe, is imminent. The doors of Hogwarts are about to open, and we’ve been granted an early visit. All this suggests that we have tested the game and show our opinion on the video.

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On paper, Hogwarts Legacy has everything to please fans of the Harry Potter universe. The idea is really to invite you to experience your own adventure in the magical world. As a fifth-year student who has just arrived at Hogwarts, you will be able to uncover all the secrets of the castle and attend classes, one more magical than the other. But that’s not all ! The wizarding world is in danger from Rannrok and his followers. And a mysterious magical ability will put you right in the middle of this whole big story. Therefore, your adventure will not be limited to the walls of Hogwarts. You will be free to travel around Hogsmeade as well as the Scottish Highlands. Add to that the rhythmic combat, the art direction to die for, the mesmerizing universe, and a host of particularly surprising good ideas, and you have an exceptional game for fans of the universe and neophytes alike.

About Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

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