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The free trial version of the RPG game “Stray Gods” is online on Steam, and the official version will be released on August 4



IT House news on May 5th, the free trial version of the RPG game “Stray Gods” has been officially launched on the Steam platform recently, and the official version will be released on August 4th. Simplified Chinese is not supported.

At present, the configuration requirements of this game have not been announced yet.

IT House attaches “Stray Gods” game introduction:

This is a modern fantasy world, where Grace, a college dropout, has gained the power of the muse, the goddess of literature and art—with this power, she must find out the truth behind the death of her former muse within a limited time. In this beautifully hand-drawn role-playing musical, you decide who Grace joins forces with, befriends, and even be betrayed by.

From David Gaider, Stray Gods—recognize your situation, take control of your destiny, and find answers in this urban fantasy tale. Your choices will affect the plot line and change the final ending.

At the first syllable, this fascinating story of hope, self-discovery, and forging ahead.

Sing the voice: adventure, love and song await you!

In this work, as Grace, you will choose different routes in three ways: charm, negotiation or strength. Music for this original fully interactive musical: Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory, Tripod musicians Scott Edgar, Steven Gates and Simon Hall, and Montaigne (formerly Jess Cerro), who represented Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest. As you make different choices, the plot will have thousands of possible directions, allowing you to create your own musical experience.

Search for answers: Choices and consequences crafted in the spirit of an RPG—every playthrough is different.

Meet a cast of funny, mysterious, or tough characters and delve into the hidden world of Greek gods and monsters. Put aside your familiar Greek mythology – in Stray Gods, you’ll befriend or make enemies of many familiar names, whose stories will be very different from those you know. Decide the story you want to tell with dialogue and songs, play the star, and take control of the stage!

Meet true love: friendship, love or self, it’s all waiting for you to discover.

Forge friendship with mortals and gods, follow your heart, and ignite the fire of love-there are four characters to develop romances, be bold to meet and interact with them, and tell each other your heart. You can choose to be a different version of yourself through different options. And David Gaider’s story and characters come to life without the performances of a star-studded cast such as Laura Bailey and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, with more video game, TV and Broadway voice actors to be revealed soon, Stay tuned.

A New World: This is a musical for video game lovers, and a video game for musical theater lovers.

“Stray Gods” will create a variety of stage performances that you love, tragedies and comedies will be staged in turn, both humorous and true, and a new construction of Greek mythology. Combining beloved elements of modern musical theater and character-centric video games, this production also features some of the leading actors in music, Broadway, television and game dubbing – a grand debut that will definitely Should not be missed.

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