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The cat robot playing chess is driving humans crazy, and the top chess players can only draw with it – yqqlm



This is a harmless kitten, look at its big eyes and innocent eyes.

But this cat recentlycaused a stir in the chess circle.

International Master (International Master) Levy Rozman also said half-jokingly and half-seriously:

The chess world must unite against Mittens (the cat’s name).

Levy Rozman ID GothamChess on Little Blue Jays

The thing is, on January 1 this year, the online chess site launched five chess robots, and Mitans the cat is one of them.

Want to fuck?I’m afraid it won’t work… this catnot onlyExquisite chess skills, irritating skills are also quite slippery:

Although it has mastered enough techniques, it will not crush the opponent in a few steps, but will deliberately use troublesome positional warfare to torture you step by step.

He also taunts and taunts the last knife when the opponent loses:

I’m unbeatable, meow, hehehe.

A cat made a splash in the chess world

As mentioned earlier, launched five chess robots in one go at the beginning of this year. In fact, except for our protagonist Mitans, the other four are also kitten images.

However, these cats have clear player ratings (the higher the rating, the better the skill), for example, the “angry little white” in the upper left corner has a rating of 800, and the “suit cat” in the lower right corner has a rating of 1400.

But when it comes to Mitans, its rating is actually a question mark, and its profile is also different: “Mitans likes chess…but how good is she?”

So, how powerful is it?

——Probably be able to reconcileHighest-ranked human chess player (Grandmaster, GM) tiethe kind.

The grandmaster is Hikaru Nakamura, and as of 2022, he has won 5 US Chess Championships and is the defending World Fisher Random Chess Champion.

Hikaru Nakamura live-streamed the game with the kitten Mitans online, and later he posted this video on YouTube, which has received 3.5 million+ viewers and 100,000+ likes.

Interestingly, Hikaru Nakamura titled this video:“Chess Robot Mitans Will Make You Quit Chess”bluntly said that the kitten is so skilled that it even makes people collapse.

Hikaru Nakamura said helplessly:

(Kitten Mitans) is very patient, (will use devious tactics), and a bit annoying.

However, although Hikaru Nakamura did not win the cat, netizens still think:

Mitans finally met his match.

Humanity has finally pulled back a round.

In addition to attracting the attention of many big names in the chess circle, this cat has also attracted a large number of ordinary players around the world.

It is reported that after released Kitty Mitans, players played an average of 27.5 million games per day in January, and this month is expected to exceed 850 million games, more than any month in their history.

Where did this cat come from?

The kitten, which now dominates the chess world, was actually originally just a flash of inspiration for Will Whalen, a student at Hamilton College.

One day, Will had a sudden idea: put a particularly powerful robot behind a pair of super cute eyes, what would happen?

So there was the prototype of this kitten.

Later, Sean Becker, a big-name developer on, joined Will with his team, and then let Mitans evolve rapidly, becoming a superficially cute, but in fact extremely smart and full of bad water s cat.

In addition to the devious tactics mentioned above, let you see the dawn of victory, and finally defeat you “cruelly”; and this cat’s taunting skills have been practiced.

Normal cats purr when they are happy, but Mittans will “swear at you” citing classics, such as quoting the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:

Meow~ Staring at the long abyss, hehehe…

In Becker’s words, while the cat is annoying, it’s also kind of funny.

After all, who could resist playing chess with an adorable kitten?

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