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The Canon EOS R50 marks an unofficial end to the hobbyist EOS M series



Canon’s EOS M series has been clinging on for dear life for a few years now, but the new Canon EOS R50 finally confirms it – the company’s original APS-C mirrorless camera range is now all but history.

Our hands-on Canon EOS R50 review reveals that the camera, which is fronted by Canon’s newer RF-mount, takes the hobbyist baton from the Canon EOS M50 Mark II. And it’ll hopefully take the EOS M concept further than that series has managed over the last decade.

Like the M50, the R50 is an entry-level model for beginners, and becomes the smallest and lightest camera in the EOS R system. It also effectively finishes off the EOS M series, which launched back in July 2012, for good.

The original Canon EOS M (above) launched back in June 2012, with the ‘M’ standing for ‘Mobility’. (Image credit: Canon)

This isn’t exactly a huge surprise. Canon hasn’t launched a new EOS M camera since early 2021, and the disappointing EOS M50 Mark II was effectively just a firmware upgrade of aging hardware. Canon’s first APS-C models for the EOS R system, the Canon EOS R7 and Canon EOS R10, also landed in mid-2022, another move that confirmed the EOS M range’s days were numbered.

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